How To Choose The Right Logo For Your Business


What came first: The logo or the brand name?

If you are like most business owners, you created your brand name first, which lets you piggyback off the brand name to develop a memorable logo that attracts the attention of customer prospects. Think of the memorable logo created for Manchester United to get a good idea about what defines the right logo for your business.

A logo represents one or more symbols and/or a group of letters that provides consumers with a unique and consistent way to identify with your company. Some marketers refer to a business logo as the most influential element of marketing. We’re not sure we want to go that far, but one thing is for sure.
You should learn how to choose the right professional designer logo for your business.

Why Does Your Business Need a Logo?

A well-conceived logo attracts interest in your business. It builds trust, as well as keeps your brand in the minds of potential customers.

For example, your business designs an attractive logo that has boosted the amount of traffic that comes into your store. You can broaden the appeal of your logo by adding it to promotional products.
Be sure to envision how the logo will translate when printed on an item. Go Promotional suggest that mugs and drinkware among the top 5 most popular promotional items. When the next community event is held, you hand out the mugs and drinkware as complimentary gifts to the people that visit your booth.

Have you ever chosen one company over another company because a logo made the first company appear more legitimate? That in a nutshell describes the importance of creating a logo for your business.

What Are the Different Types of Logos?

Knowing the different types of logos can help you design the right one for your business. First, a text-only logo works well for businesses that include a family name. This type of logo typically presents a simple design by letting the text do all the talking. Second, a monogrammed logo uses your company name in a creative way to establish a presence for your brand. Monogrammed logos are popular marketing messages placed on apparel. Third, a combination of a symbol and text words like Manchester United has done with its logo can leave a positive lasting impression on customer prospects.

Designing the Right Logo for Your Business

You do not have to make a logo design decision on your own. Working with an experienced logo designer can help you create the ideal logo for your business.

Whether you go it alone or hire an expert, you should consider the following factors to design the perfect logo.

– Colors
We have emotional attachments to certain colors. In the UK, we are attracted to a logo like the one created for Manchester United because of the bold combination of orange and yellow colors. Placing the colorful mystical symbol at the center of the logo is also a prominent feature that attracts interest.
Each color is associated with one or more attributes. For example, blue is often linked to trust, calmness, and dependability. Red evokes action, passion, and energy. Think about what you want your customers to feel when they see your logo. You should be able to come up with a color scheme that matches their preferences.

– Use a Symbol That Defines Your Brand
The World Wildlife Fund created a popular and memorable logo that features a giant panda at the center of the image. A panda is a perfect symbol for the World Wildlife Fund because the animal has historically struggled to maintain a sustainable large population. The panda logo followed by WWF provides the World Wildlife Fund with a highly effective way to connect with potential donors.

– Pick the Right Font
You should select a font the completes the appearance of your logo. Four fonts appear on logos more often than other types of fonts.

– Serif-A chic and timeless font that works well for established businesses.

– San Serif-Presents a clean, modern look that works well for high-tech brands.

– Script-Reminds us of handwriting, which gives this font a personable appearance.

– Display-decorative font used to evoke a hint of nostalgia.

Ideas to Get Your Logo Noticed

You should spread your logo like the sun spreads its rays. The type of business that you run will determine how you leverage your newly created logo. You can place your logo on complimentary items such as the mugs and drinkware that we mentioned earlier. Another effective promotional product for your logo is apparel, especially apparel worn outdoors. Of course, you want your logo to shine at your business. Place on a window located at the front of your business, as well as at the area where you check out customers.

Work With an Expert

If you do not have the design chops to create a memorable business logo, reach out to a promotional expert to get the job done right. You can contribute to the project by explaining what your brand represents. Then, the designer starts working on a logo that remains one of your most important marketing tools for years to come.