5 Secrets to Making an Eye-Catching Logo


A logo is intended to catch the attention of people and make your brand memorable to both prospective customers and clients. In many cases, logos can be more recognizable than the names of the company, along with all of its connotations. This is why you need to make your logo as eye-catching as possible if you are going to make one – and you do need it. You can easily do this by following a few simple steps that have been proven to work time and again.

It’s worth noting that logos are more than just a representation of your company or brand. They are also one of the most effective tools for marketing you are ever going to get, for good reason. They are much easier to remember, could be associated immediately with your products and services, and would stick in people’s memories. It’s much easier for customers to evoke your logo than your company’s name, and it can affect their buying habits. To make this possible, you can use websites such as Logo.com to obtain a unique and high quality logo design.

KISS Method

One of the most important rules when it comes to making logos is to make them as simple as possible. This is where you follow the KISS method or Keep It Simple Silly! The concept is easy enough to follow in that you should make your logo easy to make, understand, and replicate. Think of the most popular brands of today and you will see that most of them are intersecting or re-shaped letters.

There are also logos that are a visual or physical representation of their brand, model, corporation, or enterprise. One of the most famous is the Jaguar line of luxury vehicles, which has an actual statuette of the large cat. Another example is the Mustang brand of American muscle cars with the iconic horse stamped on the grill of the vehicle. This makes both car brands easy to remember and adds to their appeal because they are considered status symbols.

Make It Bold and Vibrant

You will want to make your logo as bold and vibrant as possible, and you can start with the design. Ask yourself what kind of message you want to send with the logo that you will make. Who are you targeting and how will they react to your logo? The closer you can match your target customers’ preferences, the better.

If you are in need of ideas, there are plenty of examples you can find on the web. The work of other designers provide instances of cool things to do with led neon signs for captivating customers. When people see neon signs, it activates an innate trigger in their brains, prompting to pay attention. Even if you won’t be working with neon signs, you can still take inspiration from existing works when making yours.

Break Away from Trends

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you must break away from the trends that everyone follows. You can’t get the attention of your customers if you’re like everyone else since you would be plain and boring. In fact, you’ll want to go against the grain if you can, as long as you believe in your product. If you can say for certain that people are going to like what you offer, make your logo distinctly memorable.

This is also the part where you are the one to set the trend since it’s a lot more permanent. Those who ride the coattails of others will rarely make lasting contributions or impressions on those they want to attract. Being the first, the best, and the most preferable is what can get you to the end as the winner. So resist the urge to do what everyone else is already doing if you want to make your mark.

Customer and Client Perspectives

It’s always advised to take the perspective of your customers and clients into consideration when making your company logo. What will they think or feel when they see the symbol of your entire enterprise in physical form? The ideal scenario is that they will be awed, impressed, or excited because of what the logo represents. What you don’t want is for them to feel disappointed, angry, or worst of all, ambivalent after you have unveiled the logo.

The worst result that you can get from your logo is apathy from your customers because they would forget you. With that being the case, you’ll want to study your clients to the best of your abilities and conduct surveys. Create multiple logos and see which one people will respond to the most and repeat this in different areas. The more diverse the groups you survey, the clearer the data is going to be.

Make It Evergreen

Last but not least, try to come up with a logo that will last you for a long as the company exists. You might need to make some tweaks every few decades or so, but the general shape and design should be the same.

This is important to prolong the amount of time that your customers will be familiar with your brand. The longer they are exposed to your logo, the more they will associate you with the qualities you are known for.


Making a logo can be a titular moment for your company because of the major role it will play. Your logo will be your symbol, your mark, and your most memorable aspect. People will associate it with everything you do, from your products to your reputation. The more memorable the logo, the better off you will be, so you need to do it right.