How Could Instagram Springboard Your Small Business?


As a small business, you’re always looking for ways to reach your target consumer and maintain consistent growth. It’s well known that a mixture of a high-quality website, a recognisable brand voice and a solid digital marketing strategy is key. But Instagram, especially during COVID, could well be the platform you need to focus on to give your small business that crucial boost. Here’s how!

Instagram’s popularity

Instagram is hugely popular – in fact, as of June 2021, there were over 28 million users on the platform from the UK! And over the years, it’s steadily became a popular place for consumers. 90 percent of users follow a business on the platform, while 50 percent of users are more interested in a brand when they see ads for it on Instagram. Clearly, Instagram is now a go-to site for brand awareness.

Shopping feature

Instagram makes it easier for consumers and brands to connect by including a shopping feature on the app. The Shop tab allows users to buy products from top brands and content creators right through Instagram’s navigation bar with only one tap. With the average user spending 28 minutes a day on Instagram, there’s a good chance they’ll end up exploring this tab frequently.

Supporting small businesses

The platform’s emphasis isn’t just on huge companies – Instagram has worked hard to help smaller businesses reach customers too. In May 2020, the “support small business” sticker was announced. This feature allows users to easily share the businesses they love with their followers. With users mentioning your business in their sticker, you could quickly raise awareness for your brand.

Influencer culture

Working with influencers can be the ideal way to kickstart your account on Instagram. Influencers are popular people on the platform, and they often have hundreds of thousands of followers. Through influencer marketing, you can pay these individuals to endorse your product or business to their followers. You can even do your research and find the top influencers in your industry and make sure that your endorsement gets through to the ideal audience!

Overall, Instagram can offer your small business a real boost. That said, to utilise Instagram to its fullest potential, your business will have to pour in some additional cost. But like any solid social media marketing, every penny is worth the potential benefits it could bring your company. As far as Instagram is concerned, the interface is user friendly and you can always use a small business loan to help you on your way.

Ultimately, with careful planning and enthusiasm, Instagram could help your business thrive.