Is Learning C Programming Even Worth It In 2021?


Various technological advancements typify the 21st century. Wherever you may be, you interact with technology in one way or another. Technology has become an integral part of everyday life, from the refrigerators at home to the smartphones we walk around with everywhere. The developers behind all these gadgets created and programmed them to function as they do.

Based on the demand for technological appliances, the demand for advanced programming skills could grow by over 90 percent. Many developers sharpen their skills in various programming languages such as Python and Java to develop premium applications. The emphasis on the newer programming languages begs the question: where does this leave C programming? Its diminishing popularity may leave you thinking twice about learning it.

Despite this reality, there is still enough reason to learn classic C programming. Here’s why its worth it:

It Makes Other Programming Languages Easier To Learn

As mentioned before, fewer developers are using the C language, with most of them opting for the more user-friendly and high-end Python and Java programming languages. Given that C is a middle-level language, it’s a little more challenging to master. When compared to the more popular programming languages, C is unique in its own right.

As noted by programminggeeks, the language’s uniqueness is what makes it still worth learning, despite today’s preferences. Learning the more challenging C language makes it easier to learn the more user-friendly languages used today. For instance, Python language is based on the classic C coding language. C also gives developers in-depth knowledge of the system’s underlying architecture, enabling them to solve even more problems.

High Portability And Compatibility

Given that the C coding language has been around for ages, it’s compatible with many features, making it an optimum choice for scripting applications. For instance, with the availability of various C compilers, it has unrestricted access to machine-level hardware APIs. Its dynamic memory allocation feature also makes it largely compatible with most of the software in the market today.

Aside from that, the C language is among the most portable coding languages in the market today. Given that the language is neither hardware nor platform dependent, it can be used for scripting various applications on various platforms from Windows to Linux. Given the ability to traverse the various operating systems, learning the C language is a massive boost for any developer.

It Has A Broader Application Range

There are various avenues where C language is used. Given its portability, the application of the C language is broader than most programming languages. For instance, the most prominent application of C, given the popularity of smartphones, is in the development of iOS, Android, and Windows phone kernel. The C language also factors into developing kernels for Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Other than that, many of the world’s most popular databases, including Oracle and MS SQL servers, are coded in C. With applications used in the movie industry also coded in C, learning C language keeps you miles ahead of any other programmer who doesn’t possess the same knowledge.

Is it still worth learning?

The C language has matured into a crucial language that is the backbone of other popular programming languages today. Therefore, despite the decrease in popularity, C programming is still worth learning. Going back to the classic programming language can help you become a more innovative programmer in this competitive world.