How to Manage Your Blog With a Virtual Assistant


Are you baffled by how you can market your blog, while producing significant content and evaluating engagement analytics all at the same time? If your answer is yes, then you are certainly in need of professional virtual assistant services.

As your blog starts to grow, you’ll find out that it is not an easy task. To build a successful blog is not about writing alone. It requires several tasks that will probably take too much of your time.

The Tasks that VA Can Do for Bloggers

If you want to bring more revenue to your blogs, you need to focus on securing relevant traffic along with maintaining quality on all your content. To do this, you don’t have to tie yourself up with the small tasks. Instead, reassign them to a VA.

One of the known expertise of a VA is they are knowledgeable on how to manage your blog professionally. Outsourcing to a virtual staff has become more apparent following the strict social distancing and home quarantine protocols across the globe. Since people are mostly glued to their smartphones and computer screens, it gives all the more reason to keep your blog site organized and highly engaging.

Below are some of the best ways to manage your blog with the aid of a virtual assistant:

Content Planning

As a blogger, it is paramount to have an existing blogging business plan. Meanwhile, the VA will assist you to reach your goals by preparing a road map on how to increase traffic on your website, boost brand awareness, find a target audience, and ultimately generate more leads. A well-established content plan will help you maintain a successful blog.

Creating Content

To manage blog content, you need to be creative. A high-quality content creation process is crucial to the success of your blogs. If you are unsure where to start, the best focal point is to check the level of engagement or interest that your readers give to each of your posts. A blogger virtual assistant will help you create articles that are more effective in piquing audience interest, incorporate it with the appropriate design and graphics and share it on social media channels.

Edit Posts

Another area where a remote-based staff can assist you involve editing your post before it is published. You can’t publish substandard content and expect to increase traffic to your website. Your VA can proofread your content and check that your grammar and spelling is spotless. Also, they ensure that you used niche-specific and service-related keywords appropriately before it is published.

Tech Support

A blogger VA can assist you in the area of technical support. Managing a site for your blog will inevitably encounter technical issues that need to be resolved immediately. Whether you have a background in web development or not, there will always be matters that you are not fully familiar with. For instance, your WordPress is not up to date and needs to be upgraded, or that there is a discrepancy or bug on one of your pages. Also, a VA can back up your blogs so you can lower the risk of losing your content.

Social Media Management

Managing your social media platforms can, at times, require you to work overtime. On the other hand, a virtual team or personnel can help create content marketing strategies through your online social presence. Their main goal is to entice more people to go to your website. This way you will have an opportunity to expand so more people can reach you. Also, your VA will be the one who manages and replies to the comments of your audience.

Administrative Tasks

A virtual assistant is similar to a secretary; meaning, they can also do anything office-related. For instance, data entry, publishing and organizing posts, answering calls, creating email newsletters and scheduling reminders are all basic undertakings that you can let your trusty VA handle. After all, these are small yet time-consuming tasks that deviate your attention from other relevant aspects of running your venture. In fact, basic duties are the most popular reasons businesses and bloggers hire a VA. It is a perfect example of learning how to balance and how to manage your own blog perfectly so it will generate more revenue.

Blog Analytics

Metrics for your blog allow you to measure and examine post traffic. A VA will make sure that your blog is performing well, while also engaging and converting visitors. The said role includes tracking and increasing your page views. As a virtual staff tracks the progress of your website, they will also know what is not working in your content. They will use the data to identify fresh trends favored by your target market or changes that support your focus topics. By doing so, your blogger VA provides you relevant ideas for new topics.


Virtual assistants have long been proven as a bringer of excellent help to many entrepreneurs and even bloggers. Don’t wait for your own blog to become unmanageable before you hire an expert VA. Consider how their services become instrumental to your success. With their expertise, you are one step ahead of your competitors. Ultimately, you get to produce blogs that are very attuned to your field of specialty and to your readers’ liking.