A Guide in Building Reputation As An Online Influencer


Find out more information about this, so you will know what to do in the future. As an online influencer, you build your career off of the “following” you earn from your audience. People may think that this is an easy job, however, what they do not know is the stress and criticisms you get under the watchful eyes of hundreds and thousands of people. Yes, it is a number game, which means that the number of followers and engagements you have, gauge the success of your influencer career. But, remember that to consistently grow your following and influence, you must be able to establish and maintain good online reputation management.

Receiving backlash nowadays creates detrimental effects on your career since the rise of “cancel culture”. This article aims to guide you in building your reputation as well as handling criticisms against you.

1. Audience

If you are just starting your career, you have to know the importance of choosing a specific niche or group of audience. This will help you earn loyal followers that have the same interests as you. Building content off of a specific category will be easier instead of having a broader spectrum of ideas. Plus, you would not want to talk about something you do not like, right?

In choosing an audience, you should first think of the field that you are most interested in and you have the credibility to share about. For example, if you have been a fitness enthusiast for years, then maybe you could share some things about diet and working out. Fitness and weight loss have become one of the most popular and profitable niches over the years. You can also choose beauty, fashion, finance, technology, real estate, etc.

2. Content and Engagements

After choosing your audience, you now have to focus on creating and posting relevant content for them. This is probably the most important factor as your credibility, relevance and consistency with your posts will drive in more followers and visitors. Stay on top of your game by being updated on what’s and what’s hot within the community of your chosen niche. Also, having a page that is pleasing to the eye is key to attract your audience. Whatever platform you are using — either Instagram, blog, youtube, etc — you have to keep your content like images and videos in high quality and coherence.
Furthermore, engagements from your followers are important. Make sure that your posts invite comments and likes from your audience and do not forget to engage with them by replying.

3. Networks

You build networks by collaborating with brands and other influencers that are also relevant to your niche. To build your reputation even greater, connect with people and business that also has established a good name in the industry. This way, you can reach their audiences as well as increase a positive reputation as an influencer. Remember to assess each potential collaborations, you might want to stay away from problematic brands, especially if you are just starting your career.

4. Criticisms

The reality is you cannot avoid criticisms. With the existence of bashers and trolls, you have to prepare yourself that any day now, you are going to receive a hate comment in one of your posts This is one of the disadvantages of living on the public eye — you set yourself open to any criticism The key here is knowing how to handle it properly. Ignoring it is one thing, however, when things get out of hand, you can always ask for help. Content removal services are now available. As the name suggests, you can ask them to remove any type of content that is against you and is trying to ruin your reputation.

Being an influencer is said to be a fun career as you earn money doing off of what you love the most and sharing about your life. Fitness and weight loss have become one of the most popular and profitable niches over the years. But, if you want to be successful, it is important to stay grounded, consistent, and relevant.