Best Locations for a Finance Internship


Are you a finance student looking for the ultimate spot for your internship? Then today is your lucky day because we have compiled a list of the top destinations to have a memorable and efficient finance internship. Read ahead to get one step closer to make a decision!

1. New York, USA

What’s a better place to stay on top of your productivity than the city that never sleeps? New York is the ideal spot if you like the atmosphere of a busy megapolis. Have an inspiring walk along Wall Street and visit the World Trade Center, and then hurry to acquire practical knowledge at your internship!

2. Singapore, the Republic of Singapore

The gorgeous capital of Singapore is often referred to as the “pearl of Southeast Asia”. The city has been demonstrating outstanding growth in the past decade, and its future looks very promising! An internship in a completely different environment will be a definite plus to your curriculum vitae, and you will also have the lucky chance to learn more about the fascinating Asian culture!

3. Dubai, UAE

Dubai, one of the most miraculous Emirates, has become a living legend. Its unbelievable growth from a town in the desert to a magnificent modern city with man-made islands does sound like a fairytale! However, Dubai doesn’t stop at what it’s achieved. The city is one of the pioneers in accepting cryptocurrency as an official payment method. So, if you are all up for innovation and digital currencies, this might be the top pick for you!

4. London, England

It would have been a loss not to include London. Being a finance center of England, this historical capital will offer you amazing internship opportunities, beautiful sights, and a diverse cultural mix. So, if London sounds like your cup of tea, go ahead and dive into the English tradition, learn a lot, connect with people, and get the best out of your internship!

5. Shanghai, China

We bet this would be one of the largest cities you’ve visited so far! Shanghai might seem like a completely different planet, so this internship location is for the brave ones. With the immense number of grand corporation offices, this city never fails to impress those seeking practical knowledge in finance.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has one of the busiest airports in Europe, making the city a hub for thousands of businesses. Amsterdam’s central location attracts more and more capital and investments, making it the perfect spot for you to learn about finances! If Amsterdam sounds good to you, go ahead and apply for an internship opportunity!

Where to Get Funding for My Internship?

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