Understanding Fleet Graphics and How They Can Transform Your Marketing


You definitely have seen them—the bright graphics on cars and trucks. They are attractive and attention-grabbing. They are fleet graphics.

Fleet graphics are an excellent way to advertise your business on your vehicles, and you can install them on any size of vehicle you own. Whether you have one business car, a full fleet with multiple car styles, or anything in between, you can take advantage of the benefits that fleet graphics bring to the table.

Why should you use fleet graphics for advertising your business?

The graphics come with plenty of benefits that include:

– They are attention-grabbing
When is the last time you paid great attention to a plain white van? If you are like other people, chances are you don’t even notice the car is there. What about a vehicle with a colorful, well-designed car wrap? You can’t get your eyes off it, and you want to know what they are selling, right?
This is what fleet graphics do. When they are professionally designed and installed, they will pull people towards the car, making it easy to spread your intended message.

– Affordable
Compared to billboards or running Ads on radio and other mainstream marketing platforms, fleet advertising is highly affordable. For one, you only need to pay for the design and installation of the graphic on your car, and you are set—you don’t have to pay for space as you own the car.
The low cost means you can change the car wrap as often as you want without breaking the bank.

– You get to reach a wide audience
Since the car is always in motion, your company logo or products get to be seen by many people. This comes in handy as it increases sales, as more people see your car, the more they convert to paying customers.

– Car wraps are a non-aggressive form of advertising
As much as people want to know about a product or company, they don’t want you to keep talking about it. When you drive the branded car to a business area, you attract attention, causing no disturbance. In fact, you don’t ask anyone to stop what they are doing and look at you.

This approach builds a positive attitude as you aren’t on people’s faces shouting at them about your products and services.

– You protect your car
Although, you are installing the vinyl wraps to pass a message about your products and company, the wraps provide a layer of protection for your vehicle where they protect your car against small dents and scratches. The wraps also play a vital role in protecting your car paint from aging, so the car always looks new with the vinyl wrappers off.

Which businesses can benefit from fleet wraps?

Any business can benefit from vinyl wraps. As long as you have a car on the move, you can install graphics on it and promote your products and services. While this is the case, some businesses tend to benefit more from graphics than others. These businesses include:

– Security companies
– Daycare centers
– Cleaning companies
– Restaurants offering delivery services
– Delivery companies
– Repair companies such as furnace repair
– Home healthcare businesses
– Housekeeping service providers
– Furniture companies
– Installation companies such as security system installation companies

Types of fleet wraps you can use

Regardless of the nature of your business, there are plenty of fleet wraps you can use. The most common ones being:

Full car wrap: This is as simple as it sounds. The graphics company covers the entire car on every surface with your intended graphic. It’s like a full paint job, only cheaper, attractive, and more attention-grabbing.
Partial wrap: Here, the graphic covers a part of the vehicle. Partial wraps make sense when you don’t have a lot of money to cover the entire car. While the wraps are cheaper, they aren’t as attractive as full wraps. They also aren’t visible from all sides of the car.
One-way vision wraps: These are popular with buses and vans, and they cover even the windows that you wonder how the driver can see. These graphics are unique in that they are designed so that the graphic is visible from the outside, but it doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view from the inside.
Spot wraps: They are the smallest type of car wraps you can install on your vehicle. The beauty is you can have them on any part of your car.
Vinyl decals: These come with additional features, such as more colors than you would find in standard vinyl wraps.

How can you get the most from vinyl wraps?

For you to get the most from the wraps, you need to do several things that include:

– Have the wraps installed by an expert
People won’t take your brand and message seriously if the graphic is haphazardly done. In fact, you will be the brunt of jokes when your graphic is poorly done, and this will take a toll on your business.

To avoid this, work with a professional company to professionally install the graphic. Vehicle wrap installation is a multi-step process. The contractor measures the size of the car, designs the wrap and prints it on the vinyl, laminates it to protect it from weather elements, and finally installs it on your vehicle.

You need to work with a company such as https://www.craftsmenind.com/fleet-graphics that fully understands the entire process and will give you nothing short of a spectacular graphic.

– Maintain consistency
If you have several cars, you need to ensure they all have the same message. This means the logo, name, colors, and style of the graphic should be the same in all vehicles.

– Be clear in your messaging
Like with other marketing channels, there is no way you will achieve significant results if you aren’t clear in your message. What message do you want to pass from the graphic? You should ensure this message is clear and stands out. You can do this using colors, contrast, and large shapes.

– Make the graphic easy to synthesize
Even if you have an entire car to market your products and services on, remember that less is always more. This calls for you to minimize the text on the graphic. Reading is work, and people always strive to minimize work, so focus on images.