What Are the Best Ways to Say Thanks?


Professional relationships thrive when the parties involved appreciate each other. In many cases, people express gratitude by simply saying thank you, shaking hands, or hugging. However, the emotions may overwhelm you sometimes, making you opt for other meaningful ways of being thankful. Here are the best ways to thank someone: 

Write a Thank-You Card

Writing and sending thank-you cards is one of the excellent ways to say thank you and show people how much you appreciate them. You can purchase an already made card or order a customized one. The card recipient can keep it as a memory because of the joy that comes in knowing they were instrumental in improving your condition at a given point in life. You can email or mail thank-you cards.  

Write a Poem

You can incur zero costs when thanking people if you can play with words to ignite their sentiments. According to Jerz’s Literacy Weblog, you can write a great poem without being a professional by using simple words and avoiding cliches.  

A short poem that describes what you are thankful for in detail can make people grateful for being in your life. You can make the gesture memorable by telling the recipient to sing the poem when reading the lines.  

Give Back to the Community

Giving back through acts of charity or making donations is a great way to show gratitude, especially when an entire community supports your cause. Begin by learning what your recipient likes or cares about in society and then offer your donations, either in time, skills, or funds.  

For example, you can offer to clear the tuition fees or help in crowdfunding for a family member, friend, or neighbor who is facing financial hardships as a way of giving back.  

Make a Call

Phone calls can build bonds of authenticity and trust between you and your colleagues, clients, or business partners. Therefore, schedule time for speaking with the people you want to thank through your outreach. For example, you can choose late afternoons to make phone calls to new clients and concentrate on getting to know them better.  

As a professional, it is best to have a purpose behind the call, which may include questions about: 

– Your brand awareness and consistency.
– Your efficiency at demonstrating the impact.
– Their preferences regarding your campaigns.

Issue Photo Books

After wrapping up a major project or a fundraising event, your supporters expect you to share the results. After all, it is the donors, clients, colleagues, and communities who make you a success. A photo book is a great way of conveying gratitude. You can take the funniest, most powerful, or heartwarming photos from the project and create a photo booklet or collage. 

Use Video

Video content can broadcast thank you messages through well-crafted dialogue, vivid images, and great music. According to Penn State, the tool is widely used by companies and nonprofits to communicate with their target audiences. A five-minute video is ideal to recognize and thank your recipients while promoting your brand.  

Learn to say thank you to everyone who supports you in different ways. Some people go beyond their means to put your needs first, so it is vital to inform them how their impact enhances your life.