The Best Hiring Platforms for an Early-Stage Startup


In case you still haven’t found truly powerful platforms to fill your early-stage startup team, you are lucky to come across this article! Get the best hiring platforms right now!

When business owners plan to hire for their early-stage startups, they are searching not only for a certain set of skills from engineering candidates, they desire to hire people who are ready to generate innovative things, join a competitive culture, and demonstrate the flexibility that comes with belonging to a growing business.

The point is that it is always challenging to find candidates with the above-mentioned feature portfolio in the open access because they are usually very selective and never look for career opportunities on fishy job platforms.

So, your task is to find several reputable hiring platforms that have already won the trust of brilliant engineering specialists.

By posting your early-stage startup jobs on the hiring platforms depicted in this article, we guarantee that you will fulfil your team with gorgeous engineering professionals. Let’s start!

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B2B Marketplaces as Engre

B2B engineering platforms as Engre is the area where big corporations, small businesses, and early-stage startups enjoy the opportunity to source engineers and software developers around the world, saving both time and budget (just compare average software developer salary on traditional job portals and Engre to understand what we mean).

On B2B platforms engineers find aspirational projects to design top solutions for customers.
The hiring procedure is simple there. Startup owners should just set a budget and contact the support of a certain B2B marketplace. In turn, they will share a rich database of talented tech professionals depending on the solution specifics. Then, you choose the candidate who can design the relevant services, conduct negotiations, and enjoy a fruitful partnership.

Clients never worry about safety because people on such marketplaces are strictly monitored in terms of reliability. All of them are certified and work according to international regulatory policies. We advise you to recruit via Upwork, Toptal, and Engre. You can check out CareerArc for more recruiting tips and information on what is social recruitment.

iCIMS Recruit

When it comes to hiring for an early-stage startup, iCIMS Recruit is an ideal platform. This is a candidate database and ATS at once that enables businesses to transform the search process from traditional paper-based practices to a well-structured digital solution. The solution includes such functions as automated communications, integration with social networks, and streamlined workflows.

Additionally, iCIMS delivers recruitment modules for HR branding, new hire onboarding, and accounts for social media. Wonderful, agree?

Entelo, or Google for Headhunters

This hiring platform provides recruiters with access to a candidate database of approximately 250 million engineering candidates. It is perfect that Entelo automatically keeps candidates’ profiles updated by gathering info from reliable web sources. So, when searching for a candidate via Entelo, you will see the most detailed data on every profile.

One of the greatest bonuses of this hiring platform is that it evaluates a wide range of variables to suggest whether a certain candidate is open to new opportunities and what kind of project will be potentially attractive for them. Nowadays, when the world suffers from Covid-19 and many employees are searching for secure positions, this bonus can play into hands for startups. For businesses that appreciate the practical approach in recruitment, Entelo will be truly effective to hire talent.

SmartRecruiters to Hire Only the Best

SmartRecruiters is considered a fully-fledged talent acquisition solution. It involves advanced functions for powerful recruitment measures as well as collaborative recruitment. The platform also provides users with multi-channel hiring capabilities and entire automation for recruiters to promote vacancies, evaluate candidates’ CVs. Additionally, engineers of SmartRecruiters have designed a super functional mobile application that enables startup owners and recruiters to check, attract, and hire on the run.

Hire Engineering Talent via Workable

On the official page of the solution, the marketing team of Workable comments that searching for engineering talent can be extremely complex for owners of early-stage startups or small businesses.

The reason for that is such entities possess neither the qualification to hire a good recruiter, nor the financial opportunity to establish a partnership with recruitment agencies or buy high-priced software. Here, the way out is Workable!

This is a nice platform for early-stage startups/small businesses because it is relatively inexpensive to develop the easiest recruitment strategy at the initial startup stage.

Moreover, Workable is a web-based solution. The last means that startups won’t deal with complicated downloads and challenging implementation (the things that early-stage startups can’t afford because of the lack of time).

The solution provides businesses with access to the must-have attributes of recruiting engineering professionals, i.e. the most popular career websites, one-click publishing to numerous job portals, client apps, and so on. Though nowadays, users may find dozens of similar hiring platforms that perform the same functions, only a few possess the equal scalability as Workable demonstrates.