What are the Three Best Topics to Discuss on Your Blog?


Are you a new blogger that’s struggling to come up with some topics for your blog? You’re not alone. At some point, even expert bloggers struggle to come up with new and interesting post ideas for their readers. 

Fortunately, there are a few topics that make writer’s block easy to overcome. Here are three topics to discuss on your blog. Whether you already have an established blog for a business niche or you’re just starting, we believe there’s a little something on this list for everyone. 

1. Travel

Without a doubt, one of the most attractive blog topics is travel. Travel topics are great for all types of blogs, not just for travel blogs. People love to know where to go! They want to know if Santa Barbara has amazing seafood restaurants and how long it takes someone to hike the Appalachian Trail. You have the power to make them marvel at the world through your personal journey, and plenty of beautiful pictures, of course!

When discussing travel, consider the places you’ve been to and the places you’ve stayed at. For example, say you’ve stayed at the Meyer Mansion Condo in Singapore. Don’t just write about what you did that day. Give readers an in-depth Meyer Mansion review to discuss your thoughts. 

Also, try to branch out from writing about the places you’ve been and discuss topics like: 

– How to pack like a pro for the beach, mountains, hiking, and so on.
– Bringing your pet on a long-distance trip.
– Best family activities to search for while on vacation.
– Top places to visit during spring, summer, fall, and winter.

2. Entertainment & Hobbies

People are always searching for something to do. You just might have an idea or a hobby that would interest them. 

Some topics you might consider discussing are:

– Your favorite movies — This is particularly great for the holiday seasons. Think about your favorite Halloween and Christmas movies.
– Your favorite books — Again, structure your topics around seasons or a particular feeling. Discuss books that are good summer reads or cozy books for winter. What books have made you cry? Laugh? Many people are curious to know your recommendations!
– Your favorite TV shows — Everyone loves a good show. Give your audience some suggestions they’ll want to binge for sure.
– DIY Projects — This is for all the “I can do that myself” people. Think about fun projects around the house someone might be interested in or hands-on activities to do with kids.
– Whatever you like — That’s right! As we said, if you like a particular hobby, odds are, someone else will find it interesting as well. Birdwatching? Write about it. Photography? Sure thing. Cooking, cleaning, ax throwing — you name it.

3. Health & Fitness

Whether it’s mountain biking or avocado toast, many people are curious about staying in shape. You don’t have to be a personal trainer or be a nutrition coach to write about health and fitness. If it interests you, that’s what matters. 

Here are some suggestions for topics:

– Best breakfast smoothies to try.
– Healthy snacks for kids.
– Outdoor activities such as running, bike riding, hiking.
– Workout programs/ planning.
– Hair and skincare routines and products.
– Natural remedies to try.


There’s always a demand for blog topics in these three niches. We hope that these have given you some ideas for your next article or your first post!

There are no set hard-and-fast rules for creating a blog except to keep writing. Branch out with your ideas and think outside the box for new topics you haven’t tried before. We hope that these suggestions have been beneficial to you as you search for new inspiration.