Can You Close a Deal Right After Pitching Ideas to Investors?


When you decide to present your business ideas to potential investors, you have to do your best. Show that your business ideas are worth investing in. Prepare the venue and deal with technical issues before you start the presentation. If you use slides, don’t forget to prepare the projector ceiling bracket. You want the text and images to be clear enough, even for the person seated at the back.

The problem is that even if you prepared well, you won’t know the decision right away. Investors need time to think about it. You have to respect the decision-making process. It’s like being on a job interview, and it’s impolite to ask for the results right away. While it’s uncommon for investors to decide on the spot, some of them do. Here are some reasons why they feel convinced right away. 

You displayed the best character

When investors listen to pitches, they don’t only consider business ideas. They also determine if the person is worth working with. They’re judging you too. If you have the perfect personality for a business partner, you can expect these investors not to let go of you. Sometimes, they hesitate to invest if they don’t like the person leading the team. If you have great ideas and you showed the best character, you can win them over.

Your business ideas are fresh and irresistible

Business investors are cautious about their decisions. They don’t want to take the risk by investing in the wrong ideas. They will end up losing a lot of money. If your ideas aren’t new, they won’t feel convinced. However, if you give them something different from what currently is available in the market, they won’t let go. They worry that if they make you wait longer, you will present your ideas to someone else. If what you have isn’t new, it should be a better version of what currently exists.

You gave them information before the scheduled presentation

If the presentation isn’t the first time the investors heard about your ideas, it’s good. You give them more time to study your plans. During the presentation, they will confirm what they previously knew. They will also ask questions to ensure you’re on top of everything. After a while, they’re ready to make a decision. The downside is if your written business plan looks terrible. You can’t expect the investors to proceed further. Even if you can convince them better with an oral presentation, they won’t give you a chance.

Keep your expectations low

There are rare instances when investors offer decisions right away. They take time to think about what you said before making an offer. They also don’t want you to feel overconfident. After hearing you out, they will do further research. 

Be patient and wait until the results are ready. If you feel good about your plans, you might hear positive results soon. If not, you can always try to present your ideas to someone else.