5 Best Programming Tools for Students


Nowadays, learning programming seems to be simply a reasonable thing to do. The future relies heavily on computers and computer science, so, the demand for these kinds of specialists grows rapidly every year. The occupation of a programmer is not only one of the most well-paid in the world but is also considered the most relevant and has the highest potential in the nearest and far future alike. Still, many people doubt when it comes to starting to learn a programming language or even a general mindset. The main question is, can programming be learned in an enjoyable and practical way?

Learning Programming with Fun

Learning programming can actually be fun. While the standard college education of the programming language syntax and structure can be somewhat mundane, this definitely should not be the only way to learn it. Thankfully, computer programming has existed for quite a lot of time now, so people managed to figure countless ways that would be fun, engaging, and practical when it comes to learning. That means that you can choose your own way of learning programming that will suit you in particular.

Regardless of whether you study programming at school, college, university, or on your own, one of the best ways to learn anything, programming included, is by playing. And, while lots of game-based programming learning tools are for kids, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting childish for a little while. And if you think of yourself as an exclusively serious person, you can learn to use the practical resources that will give you lots of useless information as well as some practical apps to master your skills and view your results. So, buckle up, leave your college or other routine duties to the best essay writing service TopEssayWriting, and get acquainted with the following tools. It’s time to learn the occupation of the future in a fun way.

5 Best Programming Tools for Students

– 1. FreeCodeCamp.org
This is definitely the best info tool for everyone who studies programming, no exceptions. If you study programming at school or college, you’ll find this resource useful as it contains lots of practical video tutorials lectured by top educators of the world. They’ll show you how to master a certain problem or practical task to boost your academic progress.

On the other hand, if you learn to program on your own, there are also lots of useful lecture materials for you to review before you move to practice. These materials will also be very useful to you as an alternative to what you are lectured at your school, teaching you different methods and possible ways of solving all kinds of issues.

– 2. W3Schools
Another great serious learning resource with lots of theoretical and practical materials for you to master anytime anywhere. W3Schools was created by real programmers and computer science educators, so you can be 100% sure about the reliability of all information provided there. On top of that, this resource contains lots of practical examples that allow you to type in the code and then modify it to get different results.

Finally, you can even get a real certificate upon completing all quizzes in any course and become a real professional programmer. The only challenge here would be doing everything on your own as the resource is absolutely free and accessible to everyone.

– 3. Microsoft Make Code
Designed primarily for kids, this resource is often used by educators to demonstrate the logic and basic syntax of different programming languages to children. By completing fun mini-games like coding a LED display, modifying Minecraft code, or designing Lego Mindstorms, Make Code allows us to memorize coding processes in a fun and colorful way. On top of that, the practical examples provided by Microsoft are actually implementable in real life, so you won’t just play silly kids’ games.

– 4. Minecraft for Education
A separate Minecraft-themed resource that allows you to have fun and learn programming using practical examples. To start coding, you have to just select the setting for your code. After that, you’ll be presented with some video materials and offered to complete certain tasks using the block method, which asks you to simply place blocks in a certain order to make the program work. At the same time, you’ll be able to observe the actual code you build this way.

– 5. Codesters
Another tool for kids to learn to program, yet it stands out for being primarily text-based. That means that instead of completing tasks using the block method, you have to actually type in the code to observe the results. This is great not only because you memorize the syntax and logic of the programming language but also because you can view the results of your work with the code, which largely resembles the actual programming done by professionals.

Nothing Wrong with Being a Little Childish

Most tools that teach you programming in a practical and fun way are designed for children. Still, even if you’re a college student, these resources will be very helpful to you, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adults using them. Learning is learning, and if you manage to master a certain skill in all the variety of its aspects, then this kind of learning is fruitful and appropriate. After all, kids are the best learners for a reason, and the learning tools developed for them can boost your learning skills a lot, no matter how old you are.

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