Business Communications 101: Is Emailing the Best Way?


No matter what business or industry you’re in, emailing will always be there. The technology of email has been around for a couple of decades now and has been established as one of the most useful communication tools for all types of businesses and industries. With its plethora of advantages, emailing in business communications can never be unrecognized.  

Through email, it allows you to send messages in many parts of the world within seconds and, most of the time, for free. Whether you’re using your laptop or your smartphone, you can access and use email anytime and anywhere. Aside from that, emailing also helps you keep track of all incoming and outgoing communication smoothly.

Over time, other business communication tools have been invented, such as social media platforms, task management tools, discussion forums, web conferencing tools, and more. While there many choices of communications that a business can use for their operation today, email still stands as the most useful tool. Its array of services allows you to bring your business online efficiently.
To give you a more elaborate idea, here are a few reasons why emailing is the best means for business communications:

1. It’s Efficient and Boost Business Productivity

Through email, your business can boost its efficiency and productivity when it comes to communicating with its clients, suppliers, or business partners. Most email software comes with customized features to help you control how many emails to send within a day or how often you should send information on certain individuals.  

Not only that, now you can also send or receive fax documents through your email. You only have to use an online fax service like MyFax, and you can conveniently send or receive fax messages anytime without using a fax machine. This email feature is something that no other communication tools have, making email stand out among the rest.

Effective emailing can reduce your need to perform consultations and meetings on a face-to-face setup because emailing is efficient enough to handle essential business details in one email.

2. It Allows Targeted Communication

If you visit different company websites, you can see how they provide their company email address in their information or the ‘Contact Us’ tab. They also add a feature that allows you to input your email address if you want to subscribe to their company page and receive emails about upcoming new products or sales.

This feature is something that you cannot see from other communication tools. Email lets any business market its product or services to the right target audience. Once your target client subscribes to your company email address, you can start focusing more on sending email updates and news to your existing subscribers.  

Furthermore, email marketing also allows you to send emails to your customers based on their status to your company. For instance, your company can customize promotional emails for your existing customers, repeat customers, and new customers. With this maximized marketing opportunity, you can guarantee that this will increase your brand retention and boost traffic to your company website too.

3. Ensures Immediate Communication

One of the greatest benefits of email communication is that it is instantaneous, which guarantees fast communication. Through email, you can quickly disseminate information to your team, employees, and customers. You can also provide a prompt response to your client inquiries. The faster your daily business communications are, the quicker you can solve any business problems and streamline the business process. No matter how small or big your business is, you can accomplish so much in less time thanks to effective emailing.

4. Improved Customer Service

Today, email has become a ubiquitous service. Almost everyone owns at least one email account because it is beneficial everywhere, either in school, at work, or for your business. Thus, it has become a must-have for business communications.

With that said, email can exceptionally improve your company’s customer service. For instance, your local customers may opt to contact you through your company numbers for easier and faster transactions. However, your clients who are from other parts of the world would find it costly to get you through international numbers. Thus, they’d opt to contact you through email as it is more convenient and less expensive for them.

Furthermore, encouraging your customers to contact you through email is beneficial for both parties. Your clients won’t have to wait on the phone, especially during working hours. On your side, you don’t need to respond to them right away, which can free up your employee to answer numerous calls every time.

However, keep in mind that you and your staff must maintain proper etiquette when providing customer service through email. Keep your customer service email strategies prompt, helpful, and professional. If possible, you can use other features offered by email, such as auto-replies, tracking system, and receipt confirmations, to ensure that your business’s customer service is appropriately managed and handled professionally.

The Bottom Line

In the business world, the benefits of email are unquestionably excellent, making them the best means for business communications. Not only are they simple and quick to operate, but emails are also low cost, and you can keep your emails documented for future references when needed.