5 Laptop Upgrades To Improve Speed, Memory, and Performance


Do you need a fast laptop but confused about what to upgrade on the laptop for high speed? If, yes, this article will help you get through this confusion as we offer the ultimate checklist about upgrading the laptop.

Upgrading a laptop is very challenging as you don’t know what upgrade your laptop needs. In other words, you can say that every laptop user has different uses according to their work.

Now the question arises why the laptop becomes slow?

The computer can be slow for many reasons like:

– If the individual is using many big data programs while using or working in the office or at home.

– Another reason is if the laptop hard drive failed due to spinning thousands of times a day

– The third reason is that if your operating system is not up to date for many days, the system gets slow.

– Suppose the laptop is infected with malware. That means if you see the programs randomly get crashed.

– Temporary files are stored on a laptop, and whenever you upgrade these files, the system gets slow.

– If the laptop has fragmented files, then it is another reason which can slow down the system.

– The system is running out of RAM.

– Have special effects and many visual benefits

So, these are some of the reasons which can slow down the system.

So, let’s have a look for five standard upgrades that your laptop needs to improve speed, memory, and not the least performance.

1. Buy a brand new SSD hard drive

If you talk about traditional hard drives, then they are the modern version of the floppy disk. We think you remember this. After that, it is replaced by microchips like memory cards, but they are the fastest option.

But if you replace this hard drive with an SSD, you see the real difference in speed, memory, and performance. Overall, booting will only take a fraction of time, and files will be open and close within no time.

Apart from that, pauses that your laptop takes will disappear forever. This is not only for new laptops. Even old ones will run fast. But the only thing is that both hard drives and SSD have price differences, which means SSD is 30 times more costly than a hard drive.

2. Go for the graphic card up-gradation

This is second on the list, which is a must for those users who are serious gamers. Apart from that, if you skimp on the graphic card, then it will save money. That’s why every manufacturer goes for integrated graphics cards rather than dedicated graphic cards. There are few best gaming laptops under $500 available in the market, which has the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card installed in them. So, you may not need to buy an additional graphics card for it.

3. Always upgrade the software for performance

There are high chances of peak performance if you upgrade your laptop software. That means in settings, you can activate the option of a software upgrade by which your laptop will be upgraded automatically.

If not, then you must click the update option as soon as it comes to the laptop. But, according to experts, there are high chances that this software is not always right. There is various software for which you need expert advice.

4. Increase RAM

This is also another and excellent way to increase the laptop’s speed, memory, and performance. You can upgrade the RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB. However, the issue of performance is most noticeable for those who run many programs simultaneously. Apart from that, it is also for those who work as a video or image editor.

Moreover, you must keep in mind that increasing RAM is not the wise option if you are a modest user.

On top of that, RAM is of many types and speeds, so you have to choose it very carefully; it must be supported by your motherboard. Some of its types are DDR, DDR2, and DDR3. In addition to that, if you by chance install the wrong kind of RAM, then it can cause various issues like file corruption, etc. So, be careful while upgrading the RAM of the laptop.

5. Save on energy

If your laptop is old, then there are chances that your electricity bill will be high. That’s why most laptop manufactures have been spurring towards energy-efficient laptops. Apart from that, if you opt for SSD hard drives, they are more energy-efficient, saving electricity bills.

The bottom line

These are some of the laptop upgrades that can help in improving speed, memory, and performance. But ensure that you will upgrade your laptop very carefully; otherwise, up-gradation can harm your system.