How to Design a Flyer to Increase Sales


In the digital age, there are many ways to draw the attention of potential customers to a company’s products or services. As a rule, business owners give preference to advertising on the web, marketing email campaigns, and ads in popular print media. And the distribution of leaflets and flyers to mailboxes is often not seen as an effective approach to increasing sales. And it is a big mistake. After all, statistics show that this method helps to attract new customers and buyers in the shortest possible time. The main thing is to correctly plan this advertising campaign and properly design a flyer.

What Flyers Can Help You With?

Since the distribution of leaflets to mailboxes is an advertising tool that covers a fairly wide range of potential customers in a certain territory (house, district), it will be most effective for organizations serving the population in this particular zone. For example, a Walgreens sale flyer will work well if it is spread in a zone close to a store.

Anyway, there is no rule on what companies can use sales flyers. Here are some of the most common use cases:

– Services of hairdressing and beauty salons;
– Cafes, bars, restaurants, pizzerias, food delivery services;
– Educational institutions;
– Household appliances repair and maintenance companies;
– Firms that provide household services.

Nevertheless, in order for your sales flyers to be the most effective, it is necessary to clearly define the target audience of consumers of certain services. Otherwise, you risk failing.

Determining the Target Audience

Obviously, most consumers prefer to seek help from companies located in the immediate vicinity of their place of residence. However, there are several other factors that can affect the success of your “strategy:”

– Residents of new buildings are unlikely to need replacement windows, but interior decoration services may be in great demand with them.
– Owners of apartments in old buildings are likely to respond to advertisements for the sale of plastic windows and balcony frames.
– In new buildings, as well as in areas where the overwhelming majority of young families with children live, advertising for children’s entertainment centers, development clubs or the sale of toys can be very popular.

In any case, in order for a “sales campaign” to be as efficient as possible, it is necessary to know the optimal circulation of leaflets, their distribution frequency, and decide on their design.

Determining the Flyer Distribution Time

Don’t expect to be overwhelmed with orders right after the first pack of flyers being mailed. The fact is that not everyone who receives your flyer will respond to your proposal. At the same time, some potential clients may contact you after receiving the flyer again. This is why it is important to determine the leaflet distribution frequency:

– During long holidays — any advertising, except for holiday discounts and promotions, will be irrelevant. After all, during this period, people are busy with completely different things. The same applies to the vacation period (midsummer);

– In the spring, after a period of colds, it is quite reasonable to take care of your health and restore immunity. Therefore, March-April is the time to send leaflets;

– Before the start of the academic year, people are actively looking for courses for their children (and not only). So, it is worth starting to distribute leaflets advertising these services in august already.

Developing a Flyer Design

Numerous marketing studies prove that well-designed and well-thought-out advertising has the greatest impact on customers. In order to attract the maximum number of potential customers, you should, first of all, interest them. A black-and-white flyer with an indication of the service and company contacts is likely to have little success, so flyer design should be approached very responsibly. Here are some of the design tips that will help you draft a powerful marketing tool:

– Add large or group illustrations, photography. Large images are effective at grabbing attention rather than small drawings scattered around the product.

– Make the text colored, use readable fonts that will help you quickly read the information.

– Consider the purpose you are designing this flyer for. A flyer designed for a financial advisor is going to look quite different from one designed for a rock band. Charities and fundraising groups need to keep this in mind as well. Take a look at different fundraising brochure templates to get a head start.

– Remember that a person has about 3 seconds to study the content of the promotional product.

– Print a flyer on quality paper. A matte or glossy surface will preserve image quality perfectly.

– Don’t forget about minimalism. Information confusion, the mix of styles can scatter people’s attention. Leave some “air” around key messages.

You Can Boost Your Sales

With the help of a flyer, you can build relationships between the company and the consumer. A printed product allows you to start a conversation with a person, tell about yourself, describe your advantages. Prove that the brand can be trusted. Use this sales strategy well!