Simple Design Tips For Creating Professional Business Flyers


Print flyers remain an effective method of marketing — in fact,  four out of five small business owners say professional print materials help them stand out. Flyers are cost-effective, attract attention from your target audience, and  ultimately help boost sales by advertising unmissable deals or event details, for example. When designing a business flyer, it’s important to use a simple yet eye-catching design that will get your business noticed.  

Consider a grid design

Flyers are typically quite small, so you need to maximize the space you have. Creating an eye-catching grid design on your flyer is a great way to do this. Feel free to be experimental with your grid design instead of sticking with traditional equal-size columns, which can appear too formal and boring. Take time to plan out your flyer, divide it up into sections, and allocate content to each section. You’ll be surprised how much information you can fit onto a small flyer while maintaining a minimal and clean look.

Make it fun and interesting

Be careful not to let your flyer look too boring or serious. If you’re advertising a fun event, try and imbue the flyer with that same vibe to give the viewer a taste of what to expect. People are also more likely to notice, remember, and keep the flyer if it makes them feel good.  Smart use of color is an easy yet effective way to transform an otherwise bland design. For example, adding a bright neon color to a black-and-white color scheme can make a flyer truly pop. 

Professional printing

Professional  creative flyer printing services can ensure your flyers are printed to the best possible quality and  catch the eye of potential customers. In particular, it’s important to get your flyers printed with a full bleed layout — this means you won’t have any unsightly and unprofessional white lines around the edges of your flyers. Full bleed layouts essentially add an extra ⅛” of image or background color beyond the trim area of your flyer. First, your flyer will be printed on an oversized sheet, which is then cut down to the correct size. The end result shows the image “bleeding” off the edge of the flyer with no visible margin.

Print flyers are an affordable and versatile marketing method, which can reach your target audience and boost sales. With these design tips, you’ll be able to create a stylish and functional business flyer that has genuine impact.