Why You Should Never Buy Fake Instagram Likes


You desire to see your Instagram account grow. However, how far are you willing to go? You may have seen or heard of services that offer Instagram followers at a price. Well, there are indeed such services, but then you have to be careful before getting them from scam sites. Buying fake followers may harm your account, as you will see below.

1) No Engagement

There is no way a fake follower will engage with you because, in the first place, they are not interested in your brand. Secondly, the followers may be non-existent as some are bot accounts. The bots may even send an automated comment, but that does not help matters since it will make your account appear suspicious.

So, why would you even waste time and money buying fake followers? It would be best if you took the time to know the right team of experts that can offer real Instagram growth services. If you are looking for exemplary service, you should try Growthoid team.

They ensure you get real followers who will engage with your content because they are interested in your brand. Therefore, you not only get engagement but potential buyers as well. The service does not use bot or automation; thus, you get manual growth for your account.

2) It Goes Against The Rules Of Instagram

Instagram does not allow the buying of fake followers to grow your account. If it is ever found out that your account has counterfeit followers, Instagram purges them. Your account may get suspended in worst-case scenarios, which will portray your brand with a bad image.

Instagram has a way of finding out false accounts and eradicates them immediately. The moment the fake followers get detected, they will no longer appear as your following. It will then be a waste of time buying counterfeit followers and not getting value for your money.

3) Destroys Your Business

A bad image for your business can ruin any chance of ever making it in your industry. Buying fake followers can give your business a bad name. If you are an influencer, no one will want to associate with you if he or she finds out that your following is not real.

Organically growing your brand is the only sure way to make it on Instagram. Taking shortcuts will not be advantageous for you since your credibility as a brand will be on the line. Once people realize you have a fake following, they will not trust anything related to you, leading to your brand’s collapse.

4) No Financial Benefits

The reason you want followers as a brand or an influencer is to earn money from them. Fake accounts cannot convert to sales since they are not interested in what you do. You will never get referrals from them. Therefore, your following remains low and does not grow unless you buy other followers.

If you want to grow your business, you need people who will engage in your posts and buy what you sell. As an influencer, it will also not favor you because brands cannot select you if they notice your audience is not real. Therefore, buying fake followers does you more harm than good, and you need to find the right services that can ensure that you get real people.