Booming Business: 5 Strategies To Earn Excellent Online Reviews


We are in the digital age now, where almost everything is done digitally. The same is true in businesses. For instance, you do not need to visit the restaurant to assess if it caters to your needs. You only need to check their online page to see how they operate and treat their customers. And in doing so, you also get to read the online reviews made by their customers to help you decide.

According to online review statistics, almost 90% of the consumers read and trust online reviews on businesses. This makes sense, mainly because your business’s online reputation is crucial. People need to hear other people’s opinions about something before relying on it. And you need them to trust you. Thus, if you’re a business owner, you may want to check these five strategies to earn excellent online reviews on your business.

1. Post On Social Media

It’s no surprise that everybody is now hooked on social media. Why not? It’s not only fun but also makes transactions quicker and more convenient. Social media can drive enormous traffic to your business. For one, any news is being passed so rapidly because of it. And people love to browse the internet, or they just could not stop scrolling. Thus, you need to gain lots of good reviews on your business to boost its reputation.

You can entice visitors to buy your products or dine in your restaurants by creating a Facebook or Instagram page, taking photos of your products or restaurant, uploading them consistently, and posting and reposting your clients’ positive reviews and comments. That way, many people will get curious and eager to try it. Invest in photos so that you keep your followers engaged. And most importantly, make your online presence felt.

2. Use Review Management Software

Review management software is an online tool to gather online reviews and feedback. It chiefly focuses on your business’s online reputation. This tool helps you connect and build trust and relationships with your customers and prospective customers. Its objective is to collect testimonials, address negative feedback, and improve previous and future customers’ impression of your business.

However, gathering online reviews should be easy for your clients and customers, too, since they are not obligated to leave comments or give evaluations. They can simply go if they get what they want. And it is you who actually need their reviews. That is why you need to find a review management software that serves you and your client in an effortless yet effective fashion. Get to know more about review management software by visiting Weave.

“Weave” is an easy-to-use review management software that only takes one click to bring your client to your business’s review page. No way that your client will experience inconvenience with this process. Thus, if I were you, I should be checking this now.

3. Collect Reviews at Events

Collecting reviews at events is one of the practical ways to increase online reviews. It’s easy-peasy and does not require a lot of preparations. If you are an event organizer, wedding coordinator, or food supplier, this one’s for you. You can simply assign your personnel or secretary somewhere to set up a stand and ask people around to give reviews on an iPad or tablet.

4. Respond to Questions

Previous and prospective customers appreciate it when their questions about your business are being responded to. Whether your customer is a beach or food lover or shopper, he will always have questions about the products he wants to try. And of course, it will mean the world to him if his questions get answered. That way, he would probably like to return the favor by giving you their online comments and reviews.

Thus, your giving of value to your customers goes a long way. That’s why it will be natural for them to value you in return.

5. Give Special Attention to Reviewers

This is a situation where your customers have been satisfied with your service or products, prompting them to give your business their online reviews generously. Be grateful if this is what happens because it will be an excellent opportunity to increase your online reviews.
If your customers post their online reviews on your page or website, acknowledge them and publish their comments together with their names. This will let them feel welcome and will certainly come back.

You can also create a short video announcing them and thanking them for their continued trust in your business. This will invite other people’s curiosity and desire to be featured as well. Who doesn’t? Being recognized and acknowledged is a friendly and sweet act. It’s one of the foundations of a stable relationship. And for your business to gain a reputable online impression, you need to go the extra mile and build a relationship with your customers.


An excellent online reputation for your business is as much as important as increasing your sales. Be reminded that everything starts at impressions. And a superb business virtual image means your business is worth trying. It’s booming, and it’s what everybody’s talking about. Therefore, try the strategies mentioned above and see for yourself the positive impacts on your business.