Divorce Rate Among Web Designers | The Latest Statistics


Modern trends are such that divorce is becoming quite common in American society. Unfortunately, neither family psychology, nor traditional astrology, nor esoteric knowledge can guarantee a 100% perfect marriage. The well-being of your life together with your partner will ultimately depend on you, your skills in building lasting relationships, the ability to adapt to situations, the ability to make compromise decisions, and mutual respect between spouses.

However, data scientists believe that there are still factors that affect the strength of the union in a married couple. Such factors include, for example, the profession and industry of employment of the spouses. Reputable statistic company conducted curious studies designed to discover connections and patterns between the likelihood of divorce and the spouses’ sphere of activity. Thus, the statistics show which occupations can indirectly affect the possibility of divorce.

Risk of early divorce and occupation. How is this related?

For example, according to studies, people employed in the transport sector have a higher risk of early divorce. Such data confirm the stereotype about pilots and flight attendants. However, this tendency is most likely not associated with individuals’ character, but rather the factors of frequent business trips, lack of attachment to one place, and forced distance from family. Similar patterns can be attributed to other occupations as well.

Along with flight attendants, sports and game managers, bartenders, real estate agents, and artists have the highest divorce rates. Based on its own data from implemented divorce cases, trusted divorce preparation web service confirms these statistics. Sports and game managers and bartenders have a divorce rate of over 50%. At the same time, actuaries, architects, and mathematicians have less than a 20% chance of going through a divorce. Although, any rule has exceptions, and the myth of art workers, as rather windy personalities, is often destroyed by real facts.

Could web designers be at risk for early divorce?

But what about web designers, you ask? This is a truly unique modern profession because its representative must combine completely different features inherent in the often polar spheres. A web designer is expected to think like an artist and have the structured vision of an architect. Be creative, but at the same time focused enough to concentrate efforts on a specific project.

According to summary statistics, the divorce rate of people who work in web design is 21.5%. This is significantly less than, for example, the rating among trade, health, and support workers. But at the same time, the risk of getting an early divorce is slightly higher than architects, mathematicians, engineers, military workers, and people studying social sciences.

In this context, the divorce rate of web designers today is numerically commensurate with similar indicators for workers in the digital industry, creative sphere, and IT sphere – software developers, user experience designers, digital artists, data scientists, and so on.

Does this mean that web designers are in a kind of “risk group” and are at risk of a bad marriage? It is difficult to assess all the risks based only on the occupation without considering other life circumstances. Representatives of this profession are indeed often completely absorbed in working on projects and can put their careers on the first lines of their priority rating.

On the other hand, paying attention to the right work-life balance can have a prophylactic healing effect and save the day if your family life seems to be giving some warning signs.