How to Create the Ultimate Remote Working Environment


Remote working needs to be more now than something you make do with. Done right remote working can be very fulfilling, and allow all of your employees the opportunity to move further away to where their money can go further, where they can find a home of their own, and of course so that they can spend more time with their loved ones. That being said, there are many benefits to working in an office.

Recreating these in-office benefits online can feel like a challenge, so follow these steps to get it right:

Use a Productivity Suite

The first thing you will want to invest in is the right productivity suite. These make it easier to collaborate between remote workers and makes it possible for managers to stay on top of what everyone is doing without a heavy-handed approach that breaks up productivity.

Invest in the Best Internal Messaging Tools

Simpplr has outlined all the best remote work collaboration tools, so you don’t need to go through and second-guess yourself or end up with a “solution” that doesn’t work. Sometimes you don’t need to go beyond the obvious answer to get the best tool; sometimes, the best tool won’t be what you ever expected. Either way, you will want to choose the right system for you, your team, and your budget.

– 1. Video Conferencing

The absolute must, out of all the internal messaging tools is the video conference. Video conferencing tools need to be clear; they need to make it easy to chat with others, and they even need to make it easy to share work, screens, and other files. The Business Zoom subscription offers plenty of features that teams have been relying on and is also recommended by Simplr.

– 2. Instant Messaging

Email may be formal, but it takes time. Instant messaging needs to be easy to use and easier to share files. Standard messaging apps we use with our friends won’t be enough.

– 3. Internal Communications Network

Internal communications networks are essential for larger businesses that have departments and even different locations. They work wonders for facilitating communication between different teams from small to large scale and can even work to recreate that essential water-cooler experience that grows employee relations.

Switch to Cloud-Based Applications

Cloud-based applications are a must to allow for remote and collaborate working. They can be accessed anywhere with a stable internet connection and provide all the tools and data employees need to get their job done. Managers and CEOs can even keep track of what they are doing and how far along with their task they are by just checking in on what has been done in real-time.

Keep Employees Emotionally Engaged

Remote work tools can facilitate a remote working environment, but you need to go beyond the thought of productivity to keep your employees committed to your company. There are so many ways that you can keep them emotionally engaged. Organize company trips, send birthday cards, host challenges, send take out to their home instead of taking them out to lunch – the list is endless.

Be creative with how you keep your employees engaged and connected and have fun with it. Use the tools that you use throughout the day to be productive to bring some joy and laughter, and you’ll have a workforce that is productive and happy.