5 Tips For Free Digital Marketing Training


The training, whatever the specialty, allows you to update your skills or acquire new ones. Lack of time and limited budget are all barriers that can slow down a beginner wanting to discover the world of digital marketing or just perfecting his knowledge. There are several ways to acquire knowledge for free. In this article we will give you 5 tips that will allow you to train in digital marketing without spending a penny.

The webinar: the way to learn digitally from anywhere in the world

Webinar is the contraction of two Anglo-Saxon terms: web-based and seminar. The webinar an online conference given via software or from a platform, which brings together several participants connected from anywhere in the world. Participants can choose to follow the web conference in video or audio while interacting with the organizers through chat. Throughout the videoconference, listeners will be able to download the documents made available, view a slide or a powerpoint, and enjoy the speaker’s screen sharing.

The webinar has established itself as a key tool with multiple functionalities since it is accessible to all. It allows you to interact with people regardless of their geographical position and offers multiple perspectives. Indeed, thanks to the webinar it is possible to train remotely on any theme. Knowledge remains accessible to all. The webinar promotes interaction, saves considerable time and does not require as much expense as face-to-face training.

Consult articles to learn digital marketing for free

One of the effective ways to learn digital marketing for free is by reading blog posts from digital experts. It’s something we don’t think about very often. And yet, the net is full of sites that regularly offer quality and very comprehensive content.

Take free online training

One of the first reflexes, when you want to train in a specialty is to turn to digital marketing training. But motivation takes a big hit when these require a financial investment that goes well over budget. The fact that these distance training courses are certifying, that they will issue you a diploma which will expand your CV is enough to justify the price, although it is not accessible to all. Fortunately, today, we can find many free internet marketing resources platforms that offer free e-learning training. This is the case with market leaders like Google and Facebook which allow small budgets to train for free. Indeed, Google has launched its free digital workshops. It is a flexible and personalized training in digital marketing. Facebook also offers its Facebook Blueprint training. It is a series of several courses that allow you to develop your knowledge in digital marketing.

Read blogs

The web marketing blogs are essential to your digital marketing training. To become a good web marketer, you will need to read it regularly to keep up to date with the latest trends. The reason reading blogs is so crucial. Because they are written by specialists, digital marketing professionals who often speak from experience.

Free online training with YouTube videos

Youtube is a gold mine for free training since you can find absolutely everything there. Digital marketing also has its dedicated channels. The challenge will be knowing how to sort so as to keep only the best. Here is a selection of relevant channels whose digital marketing videos can complement your free self-taught training.