Top 7 Jungle Scout Alternatives


Sellers on amazon should know how their product is selling compared to similar products within a given category. The best seller rank is updated almost every hour to reflect both historical and current sales data. Sales history is a core component that affects product ranking. 

There are various tools to determine a product ranks; for instance, when a customer searches for a product, the Amazon algorithm will determine the best product match in the requested category. The BSR free tool has been provided to help the seller calculate their monthly sales and track down categories with the best sales potential. Through the tools, sellers can easily estimate the trade projections for the given category. 

A product’s BSR is usually found on the product’s detail page. There is a top-level category, and a subcategory for each product and the Amazon algorithm will pay much attention to the top-level category during the search. 

There are millions of sellers and billions of customers on Amazon globally, which makes it a massive worldwide marketplace. Sellers who understand the metrics of calculating the BSR will be so advantageous to make it big throughout the year as they are monitoring exactly the sales trend of their products. However, Amazon BSR tools will make it easier for sellers to forecast their likely performance in the future and be among the selling race today. 

The following tools are some of the best Amazon sales estimator tools that will help the sellers identify their BSR: 

IO Scout

IO Scout is another amazing sales estimator offered for free. However, if you are looking to use the full IO Scout package that includes other product research, optimization and sales analytics tools. Comparatively, IO Scout offers all these amazing features for Amazon seller at an affordable cost. Apart from the IO Scout Sales estimator, some other FBA features are also available for free like the FBA calculator.

IO Scout best Amazon seller tools due to its personal assistant feature. This feature helps sellers make the best business decisions to grow their business.

AMZ Scout Pro

AMZ Scout is used to calculating a product’s rank with the sales rank. To use this tool, sellers will need to know their product’s rank before they can have a rough estimate experience of their sales. AMZ Scout has an updated formula and algorithm to aid the better prediction of sales. This tool will expose the seller to the sales volume, frequency, and individual orders on each product. 
The Scout indicator made it possible to analyze each sales rank over a month on a graph. Scout algorithm allows for higher-ranked products to be easily analyzed over a while by calculating the total volume of sales. 


This tool promotes the listed products on Amazon by marketing them to the pool of buyers on the site and also to buyers outside the domain. Sellers can use its features to calculate the impact it generates on the sales of a product. It uses Google influencers, various Facebook ads, and other social media tactics that will generate traffic to the product page on amazon. 

As such, there will be more searches for sales of products as the keywords on products will trend higher. Sellers can use the tool to generate and calculate as many sales as possible. 

Seller Legend

This tool is one of the best Amazon estimation tools in the market today due to its comprehensive and customizable data presentation. It has a unique feature of delivering accurate sales data and presenting it to sellers in a user-friendly manner. Sellers are mostly protected from minor errors and hiccups when using this tool. As such, Seller Legend has stellar reviews online, crediting its sales estimation and maximization of profit. The presented data is usually readable and interesting as it offers raw data through pie charts, trend lines, and graphs. 


This is yet another amazing amazon sales estimator tool. Sellers can have accurate monthly sales volume and customer reviews for products at a time. It is one of the cheapest tools and as well offers great value for money. This tool has a unique feature that makes it possible for sellers to find the product they are selling and their corresponding values in the marketplace other than Amazon. 

ASINspector has capable and responsive features that enable users to have accurate information about product sales, and this makes it more reliable. The tool analytics offers product page analysis, UPC barcode scanner, instant net payout, and FBA calculator for Amazon. 

Helium 10

Helium tends to offer a lot of features, which include keyword rank trackers, sales estimators, eliminators, and duplicates. It also analyzes the day-to-day sales trend and calculates which Amazon products are generating more revenue at a time. Sellers can determine the gross revenue on their product and the net profit data by considering the sales analytics from the last thirty days. The year to date measurements, profit margins, promotions, and refunds on a product are traceable as they give a complete picture of all sales estimates. 

Market Intelligence

This is yet another reliable sales estimator tool that sellers on Amazon can trust. It enables them to harvest useful information that can improve their sales. It can provide multiple data from over 27,000 product launches and accompanying sales across the board. The data analysis enables features like product idea score, estimated reviews, and the daily giveaways of every product.