How to Change Help Desk Design to Adapt Post COVID


When you run a business with multiple technologies and multiple employees utilizing diverse tech solutions, then you are liable to run into various tech needs for that company. Most technology departments utilize a software system known as a help desk in order to manage the various needs of users and stakeholders, and the questions raised regarding their technology use and needs.

The same software is also used in some cases to allow customers to submit requests, complaints, and questions to a support team. Regardless of how it is used, the help desk software is a management system that allows businesses to monitor the needs of the people who are using their software.

There are actually a number of different uses that help desk has for any company or business who is choosing to utilize it. These four areas can actually help us understand the different ways that help desk software might need to adapt in order to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of businesses during Covid-19.

Employee/Customer Intake

According to SySaid, a major tech solutions company, the major useful aspect of help desk software is customer intake. This allows you to give your employees or your customers an easy, consistent method for turning in questions or concerns regarding your software or technology issues. This allows you to streamline the process for turning in these questions or concerns which makes them quite a bit easier to deal with than some of the alternatives.

Shared Inbox

When you have a technology team or a customer support team who are working on common issues, then having a shared inbox is necessary in order to keep track of valuable information. This is one of the many ways that you can make sure that your teams are able to collaborate and be consistent in responses to customers.

Ticket Organization

One of the major needs of a help desk team is the ability to remain productive when there is a high volume of questions, concerns, or other tickets raised by stakeholders. During this time, prioritizing tickets is one of the most important aspects of the help desk.
During Covid-19, this particular feature is especially important. This could help to organize tickets by priorities and even by whether or not the ticket will require an actual in-person visit, or can be resolved virtually.


Typically, the least appreciated aspect of the help desk software, reporting allows customer support teams to make informed decisions about their work. By looking at data collaborated in the help desk reporting functions, employees can gain insight to how their systems and information are working together and what needs to be done in order to optimize their productivity.

This data will be crucial for assisting help desk teams determine the next steps for their software suites in terms of what is needed to make better decisions. This will also help them understand how they can improve other features for optimal performance.

Final Thoughts

Although the help desk system is already fairly compatible with a work from home type set-up, there are some areas of improvement that could become better through minor adjustments.