The Benefits of Building an App for Your Takeaway


Having a custom mobile app for your takeaway business is something that you should consider thoroughly in 2020. Now that your customers have access to a broad range of high-spec technology, your job is to provide them with your own technology offerings that will simplify their food ordering experience with you.

Here are 6 reasons why building a DIY takeaway app for your business will help you to stride ahead of your competitors:

1. They save time
From a customer’s perspective, a mobile app for takeaway has the potential to shave off time in the actual ordering process. In peak restaurant hours, instead of having to wait on hold to speak to a member of staff over the phone, customers can simply order and pay on your takeaway app, then get on with their own tasks while waiting for the order to be confirmed.

2. They’re simple to build
When building a takeaway app using a DIY app builder, you can cut the difficult coding and development stages and focus simply on designing the interface of your app. If you’d rather not start with nothing, most DIY app building platforms provide you with several templates that you can adjust and amend to suit your preferences.

3. They encourage more spending
When ordering from your mobile app, customers are much more likely to spend more on takeaway foods than if they were to call you up and order from a menu. Having more time to ponder over the online menu will encourage customers to select items that they may not have considered in a speedy over-the-phone order.

4. They’re much cheaper to develop
DIY apps take away the cost to develop an app, which can set you back thousands of dollars. When using a mobile app building platform, you’ll only need to pay a small monthly fee to keep your app up and running. This tends to work out much cheaper than paying the full cost for a professional to develop your app from scratch, then maintain it on a monthly basis.

5. They encourage customer loyalty
One of the best things about making your own takeaway app is that you can tailor it to offer generous incentives to encourage your customers to make repeat purchases. If your customers spend over a certain amount on one order, you might throw in several extras free of charge. Alternatively, you might choose to have a loyalty program in place that offers free or discounted food items after so many consecutive orders.

6. They reduce the risk of mistakes
When customers call up to make an order, it’s often quite difficult for the server to understand exactly what they’re saying, and it’s common for mistakes to crop up from time to time. This is a sure-fire way to lead to a bad review, as to a hungry human, there’s nothing more disappointing than receiving something other than the food they were craving. The simplest way to reduce mistakes when ordering is to allow the customer to make their orders themselves on your business’ takeaway app.