Keys To Improving Your Team’s Customer Service Skills


As a business owner or team lead, recruiting the right people is not where the job ends, but begins. Some skills are in-born, most are learned and developed with time, while there are some business requirements too. What one business may require from the employees may not be the same they would be expected to deliver somewhere else. As a customer support rep, if you are reading this, or as a customer service team manager, you should instill some habits into your resources to get the best of them. We can get advice from the top call centers in the Philippines or other companies with great customer service.

In this article, we are going to discuss the places where customer service skills can be improved.

With the digital evolution and customers constantly growing needs, updating tools to respond to them quickly and in a more meaningful way remains the first step to satisfy them. Furthermore, for acknowledging your customers’ time, money, and energy, the frontline team i.e. customer support team must be skilled and get on-job training to survive in this competitive market. Something we have noticed amongst spectrum customer service over and over again where their reps are well equipped and trained.

So, without further delay, let’s get to the points:

1. Time Management

Same 24 hours, different people, and different results based on our productivity and how we manage our time. We all can utilize more of our time, no? Unluckily, it’s the most restricted resource for any of us have, therefore all we can do is efficiently cope with our timetables. While you are being interrupted, it’s easy to act agitated or unsatisfied, and it’s enticing to let the telephone ring a few more times or an email stay in the inbox for a longer time. However, doing such can be bad news.

About 83 percent of online consumers would abandon a buying or might move their business somewhere else if they aren’t assisted in five minutes. Put the customer on hold or in the queue for a prolonged period, for a couple of minutes, and it will end up costing your firm their business. In its place, mark quick response times as a priority. Streamline structures so updating purchaser data and reporting is fast and easy. Also, ensure your customer service reps have an adequate amount of time in the day to complete their responsibilities, so they do not have to pick between helping customers and achieving their other tasks.

2. Willingness to Develop

The inclination to improve is a skill you require in your workers regardless of which department they work for. It’s the expertise we all require with the aim of doing well. However, that doesn’t make it any less relevant to your customer support representative. Consumer expectations are constantly changing and the latest technology to manage them is frequently emerging. We learn new things at work on a daily basis. How do you encourage your workers to improve? Financial incentives could work, though the National Business Research Institute states 62 percent of workers are more driven by approachable management, getting the suitable resources for their work, and the flair to stay up-to-date about significant issues and any alterations.

In addition, personal development can make a huge impact on how effective your workforce is when engaging with customers. Learning how to build better interpersonal relationships and getting enough sleep can make people more productive and happier in their jobs. This ultimately will make your customer service reps better at dealing with customers on a daily basis.

3. Knowledge

Speaking of equipping the staff with the right tools, one of the primary tools is basic and updated knowledge about the business. If the official customer support reps aren’t informed about the product specifications, company policies, and how the buying process functions, they won’t be capable of answering customer questions professionally. Also, many customer support service queries could be great openings to get yet another sale. The odds of selling to a current customer are around 50 to 55%, more than selling to a new client — but then again only if the CS reps recognize to make the correct deal at the right time.

4. Thick Skin

About One-third of the customers would rather clean a toilet than communicate with the customer support service – the truth that many customer service reps unfairly have to face every single day. This is why possessing a thick skin is on the customer support service skillset. The CS reps are at the forefront of the business, and they require some solid armor. Offenses, annoyance, and obstruction need to be dealt with thick skin so they don’t go inside and disturb the inner peace. To ensure the CS team know that they are supported by their employer and foster an atmosphere where it’s fine to take a head-clearing instant between challenging calls.

Conclusive notes:

The aforementioned points may be the key factors for improving the customer support team, but this kit if to get started and explore more. The company can assist their employees to strengthen the already acquired skills and help them develop new skills with time.