Five Great Uses for Technology in Art


Technology has impacted every sector, including the art world. While we don’t really think of art when we consider technological advancements, it has changed dramatically over the years thanks to technological techniques and tools. Here, we’ll look at just five great uses for technology in art.

1. 3D Printed Art
Although 3D printers were developed over decades, it wasn’t until the 2000’s where they really exploded onto the market. Originally designed to aid in manufacturing, medicine and science, the technology has gone on to be widely used in the art world too. Artists can use 3D printing to create manipulative and highly-detailed artworks.

2. Online art
One of the simplest way’s technology is used in art, is allowing artists to display their artworks online. Social media has become a particularly popular for showcasing talent. However, it’s also helped in the development of digital art.

Digital art presents a unique way for artists to present their work. Using advanced technology, artists can create works of art fully online.

3. Precision measurements
In some types of art, precision is everything. That’s where tools such as Calipers from stores such as RS prove invaluable. These measuring instruments enable artists to measure distances and lengths with very high accuracy. Although largely designed with engineering and physics labs in mind, these tools can be very useful in the art world too.

4. Education
Technology can also really help to teach us more about art. Museums and galleries often feature technology that educates its visitors about each exhibit. Many even feature a virtual tour guide, allowing visitors to wear headphones as they wander around the galleries, which provide useful and interesting information.

There’s even an app which has been developed called Smartify, which enables you to scan a piece of art and view all kinds of information about it. Other apps can provide interactive maps, audio tours and videos relating to the exhibits being viewed.

5. Virtual reality
Finally, a piece of developing technology that’s becoming more prevalent in the art world is virtual reality. Using multi-sensory headsets, viewers can enter a virtual environment and view, as well as interact with, art exhibitions. This is one of the more exciting developments, allowing you to get really immersed in the art. It’s a dream for many people to escape to another world, so this technology is by far one of the most exciting.

As you can see, technology is used in art in so many different ways. As it continues to develop, we’ll likely see it being integrated even further. The above are just some of the ways technology is helping to enhance the art world right now.