Comparium: Automated Website Testing Tool


Are you running a business online? And worried about creating the best website for attracting a large number of people? Are you a website developer and need help in designing an error-free website? So you are on the right track as we provide you the complete knowledge of the best tool to test your website on various browsers. The tool is called Comparium.

What is Comparium?

Comparium is the best and the easiest tool for cross-browser testing. It is a tool that is used to check the functionality of the website on various platforms that are currently used in the market. With the evolution of the Internet, a lot of people spend their time over it. The Internet is used by all sorts of people to let it be a student to an old person and whether male or female. So it is very important for every single company to make a website which attracts customers. So creating such kind of website is not an easy task. Just for creating a website, the company hires a person who is perfect in making such kind of website. But Comparium is a substitution of it.

Comparium is the ultimate solution to create the best website. It helps in making your business number one. Nowadays everyone loves to shop online so for online shopping apps, it is important to make a website that is different from another shopping website.

It also takes care that the website that you are creating is accessible by everyone and from every single device, operating system as well as various web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer. It is the most trusted website testing tool. There are many cross-browser testing tools but Comparium stands out due to features and benefits it has

Features of Comparium

The features for which Comparium is known for are as follows –

– Compatible with all kinds of browsers
With the coming of Comparium now you do not have to worry about which browser you are using for the Internet as this tool is compatible with all kinds of browsers. You can use any browser.

– The time-saver tool
Earlier the testing of the website was the most time-consuming task which required full attention. The company had to keep one person always on the computer screen in order to check if the website that it had created is supportive of all platforms and browsers. But this tool made the task easier as it tests the website on all platforms by a single test and that too in just a few minutes.

– Cost-effective
Along with time-consuming, the tool is also cost-effective. Why I am saying cost-effective is because there are two versions of Comparium one which is available online for free of cost and another version is paid version but you will not regret after the paid version as it provides the best services which make the creating and handling of the website easy and fast.

– Test multiple websites
If you run many websites and wish to test them then Comparium is the best tool to do so as there is no limit and restriction to the number of websites that you can test.

– Supports different platforms
The reason why Comparium is in high demand is that it supports all platforms whether being Windows, Linux, or any other platform.

– Offline results
Comparium also provides you the facility of providing the offline result of the test. For this, you just have to give information to the tool namely the Uniform Resource Location of the website that you want to test and e-mail address where you want the tool to send the result. The tool automatically takes the screenshot and sends it to the e-mail id that is provided by you.

– Screenshot facility
The tool also provides you the facility of screenshot web testing which can be useful later when you are making the changes in the website which is causing problems.

– Replacement of repetition
Earlier the cross-browser testing was done manually where the website was tested one by one in each browser and operating system but with the coming of Comparium, this repetitive task was replaced by a single step wherein the test was done once for all platforms whether be browser or operating system.

Benefits of using Comparium

– It is very important for every company to create a website that functions smoothly as this will majorly contribute to making the business successful. If the website is opened in all platforms it will be viewed by all people across the world which would ultimately lead to attracting more and more customers.

– If you are new to this tool then you don’t have to worry as this tool is very easy to use. The interface of the website is such that even a layman can operate it with getting any training.
With the help of this tool, one can test the functionality and the error of the website from anywhere and at any time.

– By using this tool one can easily spot the error and can easily rectify the mistake and make the website functioning accurate.

How Comparium Works

Testing a website on Comparium is very easy you just have to visit the official site of the Comparium on any browser and type the URL of the website that you want to test in the space given and also provide the e-mail id where the screenshot of the result will be sent. Then select the browsers and the platforms on which you want to test the website and click the test button. After a few minutes, the tool will show you the result. The tool will also provide you the screenshot of the errors. It will highlight the errors in different colors.

There are many cross-browser testing tools and it is very important to choose the right tool so saves your time and energy. And we have helped you in doing so. Its features and benefits put Comparium the best cross-browser testing tool among so many. And the developers of this tool are continuously working hard in making it the best tool for testing the functionality and the accuracy of the site.