Top 5 Apps for Design Student


You manage to find a wide range of mobile applications that will help you get your work done. Choosing the best one takes a lot of time and might make you disappointed if you haven’t found the necessary features there. We offer you the top 5 android design apps that can satisfy everyone’s taste. 


It’s a free app for those you have decided to start their career as a graphic designer. This is a designing tutorial which is divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You will learn to sketch step by step by getting advice from professional artists. The simple scoring system helps you understand what you became good at and what you need to practice more. If you want to share your images with your Twitter or Facebook subscribers— use “Community,” and following the prompts, put your picture on public display.

SketchBook Pro

SketchBook is an app for designing that offers a platform for creating lovely designs. It’s similar to the desktop version, and you can use various pencils and brushes. There are over 100 different types of brushes, and all of them are customizable. The application allows you to work in full screen with a landscape or portrait mode. 

Infinite Design

In this application, you can start drawing on the canvas as if you were a child and had hundreds of colored pencils in front of you. Once you swipe your finger across the screen, you will be amazed how precisely and smoothly the brush moves across the canvas. The best feature of an application is the ability to save your created image using the following formats: JPEG, PNG, or SVG. It’s a really cool app, but it has one drawback. To unblock other functions, you need to pay. Using the “Community” section, you can share your images with your friends on social networks.


If you start the app for the first time, immediately after its logo, you will see a few training screen grabs that describe the purpose of interface elements. This simple application for drawing and painting will allow you to realize your full creative potential. Due to the ability to control the force of pressing a special stylus, you can turn your device into real artistic canvas. The ArtFlow app is designed to replace your drawing album and become a universal art application on Android for creative people.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This application is optimized for editing photos and creating collages and supports most of the existing formats of graphic images. On your mobile device no need for professional image-processing, so Adobe Photoshop Express is designed for photos processing. Retouching, setting colors, frames, collage blanks, working with social networks, creating your own filters can be done with this application.

These applications seem simple for experienced designers, but amateur artists will take advantage of them. If you are going to make a good living working as a graphic designer, you have to learn to cope with different tasks. You won’t be able to click the Reddit do my homework hashtag, and ask to complete your assignments. After all, practice makes perfect. So, pick up the most suitable app to develop your designing skills.