Divorce Rate Among Software Developers | The Latest Statistics


Did you know that certain people in certain professions are more likely to get divorced than others? For example, some careers with the highest divorce rates are gaming managers, bartenders, and flight attendants. Game managers and bartenders have a divorce rate of over 50%. Whereas, actuaries and mathematicians have less than a 20% chance of going through a divorce. These statistics are always interesting to see.

So what is the divorce rate among software developers?
If you’re dating a software developer would they make a good marriage mate? Should you keep dating or run? According to Flowing Data.com, Software Developers tend to have some of the lowest divorce rates. It’s interesting to note that Software developers are at the lower end of the divorce spectrum, with a 20.3% divorce rate. This statistic is also confirmed which is the leading divorce service in the USA. Those who choose careers that involve computers and maths tend to have lower divorce rates. This could be because they are more prone to calculating risks, such as actuaries, who do so for a living. Whereas, those who work in the gambling industry make their living by taking risks. Therefore, they might jump into marriage more easily than those who weigh risks for a living.

Does the amount of income one receives make a difference?
Another interesting thing to note is that those who make higher salaries, seem to have a lower divorce rate. This shows how finances can play a role in divorce. Those with lower incomes, such as bartenders, for example, have a higher divorce rate. Whereas, a profession that makes good money, such as actuaries, have lower divorce rates.
Software developers also have good incomes. PayScale, software developers make $85,000 on average.

Education also plays a role…
Another interesting factor as to why software developers have a lower divorce rate is because of their education. Studies have shown that those with a good college education are also less likely to get divorced. This could also be related to money, as professions that require higher education often pay more too. Financial strains are one of the top reasons why couples tend to get divorced.

What some software developers have said
Finding enough time for their families is one of their main worries. Being a software developer does take time, and making enough time for your family can be hard. This could be why some developers have still seen their marriages end in divorce.

One final note is that it is the person more than the profession. If a software developer leaves his job and becomes a bartender, for example, it doesn’t mean that their chances of divorce will be any different. Oftentimes, people choose careers that fit into their lives. Divorce happens due to many different factors including financial disagreements, adultery, and the stresses of everyday life. If you marry a software developer, your chances of divorce are lower, but you could still get a divorce.

It’s always interesting to see what the statistics show. But at the same time, they are just statistics. Every person is different, every life is different, and every marriage is different. It doesn’t mean your marriage is doomed just because of your occupation. Marriage takes hard work, and oftentimes choosing the right partner at the right age plays a major part in the happiness and success of a marriage.