5 Apps with State of the Art Design


Trends in mobile application design never cease to change. New UI/UX patterns are emerging all the time. 2020 is going to be the year of futuristic color overload, rounded organic shapes, gesture-driven navigation, convenient voice interaction, and app customization.

Here are five mobile apps with cutting-edge design for your inspiration:


This innovative app is a new word in language learning. It combines appealing design and mnemonic associations to make language acquisition fun and incredibly addictive. Five minutes a day— all it takes to learn one of the Drops‘ 35+ languages.

During the session, you won’t come across grammar rules or tedious drilling tasks. The app includes only the essential vocabulary practiced in fast-paced microgames. The meaning of the target language words is conveyed through minimalist illustrations and not by means of translation. All expressions are divided into 100+ easy-to-browse topics, so you can choose what you want to study first.

The app has a gorgeous interface with a bright rainbow color scheme. Each of the fourteen-word categories is marked with its distinctive shade of the color spectrum. The rainbow palette is also used to distinguish various gamification elements within the session. Orange denotes new words, yellow — spelling puzzles, turquoise — multiple-choice tasks, pink — matching word-image pairs, violet — true or false quizzes.

Limited learning time requires a fast response. That’s why there is no keyboard typing or button clicking. All navigation is done via rapid swipes and taps.


This lovely app will come handy for urban gardeners. It reminds users to water their ‘green babies’ and enables them to track each plant’s growing progress.

Caregivers create a ‘plant profile’ that includes the plant’s image, its location within the apartment, type, nickname, adoption date, and special instructions. The next step is setting up watering schedules to get timely reminders.

Vera‘s clean design makes plant care extremely easy and fun to do. Minimalistic interface with deep pink buttons/icons and a lot of whitespaces encourages plant enthusiasts to stay on top of their watering schedule.

Magic Fridge

This cooking app offers more than 4 million ideas for delicious meals you can prepare from the ingredients available at your kitchen. Fast and simple recipes allow for a more varied diet and help to reduce food waste.

Interaction with the app includes four easy steps:

1. Adjust a list of products you always, sometimes or never have in your fridge and cupboards.
2. Select the main ingredient for your cooking adventure and explore suggested recipes.
3. Adapt the recipe by choosing the ingredients from your kitchen.
4. Cook it!

All the products are labeled with beautiful pictures which contribute to intuitive navigation. Read aloud option in the recipe tab bar is quite convenient as users don’t have to check their phone while cooking. The app also allows customizing the recipe page by adding your own images.


Notebook is a great tool to capture thoughts and moments and manage them in one place. You can write notes, attach pictures, record audio, scan documents, and add files to your journal on the go. The app also has a dedicated checklist note and a sketch card tab where you can take handwritten notes and draw your ideas.

The app is consistent with different devices and platforms. It synchronizes all the content to the cloud so you can work anytime, wherever you are. With Notebook, no thought would go unheeded. If you happen to collect ideas for a school assignment or other writing, check essayservice.com for some help.

The app provides numerous ways to customize your files. You can change the color of your notes, group them into notecards, and organize various notes into notebooks. This application also comes with a notable security feature. You can protect your ideas by setting a password or using Touch ID to unlock the notes.


Fabulous is a science-based app that helps to pick up healthier living habits. It’s an ideal solution for those who:

– want to boost their energy level and maintain it throughout the day;
– find it difficult to stay on a task due to lack of focus;
– try to reboot their sleep cycle;
– need extra motivation to work out and keep fit;
– look for ways to cope with anxiety and reduce stress.

It is not just a mere habit tracker but a step-by-step guide to achieving your goals. Fabulous offers tips on how to establish life-transforming morning & evening routines. The app also comes with integrated sessions for deep work, relaxation, exercises, yoga, stretching, and meditation.

Its neat design with pure white background contributes to the positive perception of suggested challenges. You can decide what habits you’d like to enhance by tapping on a bright graphic icon illustrating a specific skill set. Tasks are divided into easy-to-accomplish steps with vocal instructions.