Why Sports Teams Should Invest In Social Media


Most businesses have begun to invest heavily in a social media presence because it allows them to promote their brand, forge a relationship with their customers and make key professional contacts. Sports teams should invest in social media for many of the same reasons. Here are some of the most convincing.

It Helps You Connect With Your Fans

Social media has its name for a reason. It provides an unprecedented method for businesses and organizations of all kinds to communicate directly with their fans and create stronger relationships with them. Sports teams are no different in that they thrive on the passion and support of their fanbases. Social media in sports is incredibly valuable for communicating updates about the team, thanking the fans, promoting merchandise for sale, answering fan questions directly and having any other useful or important communications.

It Helps You Grow An Audience

This is especially useful for new or small sports teams that might not have a lot of fans yet. One of the primary reasons for using social media for business purposes is to bring in new fans via content marketing and advertising. Sports teams can use social media in the same way, by making users aware of their team and hopefully bringing them on board as new fans. You can also use paid advertising to boost important posts, create advertisements for merchandise and promote events. Advertising on social media is especially effective due to how you can target it to users based on their existing likes and preferences.

It Helps You Promote Events

One of the great things about social media is its ability to promote specific events. Facebook in particular has a robust events feature that allows anyone to post specific information about an event and then promote it. Event pages also facilitate discussion so anyone who asks can have their questions answered. These pages can easily be updated in the case of a change and they will alert fans when the event is about to happen. Your events don’t even have to be regular games. They can also be any other special events such as parties, tryouts or fundraisers.

It Affords Professional Benefits

Your fans are not the only ones watching you on social media. Sponsors, players, managers, commentators and other sports professionals also have a presence and you can reach them much more easily with social media as well. You can use social media as a powerful recruitment tool for your team, whether for players, sponsors, coaches, consultants or others who might bring important benefits to the team. Professional networking is just as important for sports teams as it is for everyone else.

It Can Put A Spotlight On Your Players

Oftentimes in sports, the focus is on the whole team rather than the story of an individual player, unless a particular player is especially noteworthy. Using social media is a chance to shine a spotlight on each individual who works to make your team a success. This includes all players on the team as well as coaches, management staff and others who are instrumental to the operations of the team. This not only makes every member of the team feel appreciated, which is important for team morale and performance, but also forges a stronger bond with dedicated fans.

Sports teams can benefit from social media much the same as any other business. Many social media features even benefit sports teams specifically. Smart managers will choose to invest in a social media presence in the hopes of improving their team’s visibility.