Best Free Web Design Contract Templates You Can Use


Every successful project needs not only the right person to conduct it, but also the best tool to materialize each of the goals that will turn an inconclusive beginning into the most fruitful outcome.
In web design projects, it is crucial to have an experienced freelancer that could get things done, and also web design contract templates that could facilitate the job.

Getting to this point, if you don’t know which could be the proper one, here are the best free web design contract templates.

Below is some information to help you decide if it’s the right move for you and how to get your new freelance career off the ground.

AIGA Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services

This is definitely one of the greatest web design contract templates you can make use of, considering that it is an elaborate and a quite exhaustive tool that will work in the most efficient manner.

In short, the AIGA Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services contains two different main modules that will make things done smoothly. One of these modules have the basic terms and conditions that you will find in most of the competition, while the other one contains the different elements of intellectual property rights.

In addition, the AIGA Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services offers supplementary modules for some specific design disciplines that you can add to the two previous main modules.

Getting to this point, we could say that what this free web design contract template does best is essentially to help deriving at a comprehensive binding deal that clearly spells out, in the different manageable terms and conditions, the responsibilities and rights of every single contracting party involved.

Webdesignlaw’s Design Contracts for Freelance Web Designers

This is another great web design contract template you can make use of for free, given the fact that the bundle of documents and contracts by Webdesignlaw is one of the most exhaustive and all-inclusive resources you will find right now.

The Webdesignlaw’s Design Contracts for Freelance Web Designers contains two different sets of terms and conditions, one being a condensed one, and the other one being the detailed. All of this along with a sample project proposal, a sample letter of agreement and even an invoice template.
Basically, this web design contract template is the greatest not only for those who are currently working as freelancers on web design projects, but also for those who are hiring freelancers to develop these types of jobs.

In fact, many employers who hire people for these projects usually deliver this web design contract template to the person selected to conduct the project, considering not only its efficiency but also that is quite easy to use even for those who don’t have too much experience with this kind of tool.

Contract Killer

This is probably the most famous web design contract template in the world, considering that many people use it because of its effectiveness. In addition, this one is so easy to use that most web designers use to learn the basics.

Created by UK-based Stuff and Nonsense, Contract Killer is probably the most popular open-source contract for developers and web designers, being in use since the year 2008 and last revised in 2016.
According to different experts in the matter, Contract Killer is probably the easiest-to-understand draft that is written in plain human, and even factors in every single aspect of the web design contract.

Believe it or not, Contract Killer also includes typically missed clauses around browser testing, Search Engine Optimization and even changes and revisions. This way, if you’re starting on web design and want to make use of a tool that allows you to operate in the easiest manner, this one is probably the one that fits with your characteristics.