How To Choose The Best CRM for Web Designers


Choosing a CRM software should be a well-thought process as landing CRM software that is not working for you as a web designer may be a waste of time and money. Web designers should, therefore, be careful to choose software that works favorably for the pocket and the business. This means the product should not be too expensive for the business and should not be too simple to facilitate the growth of your business. However, you should understand a few tips on how best to pick among the list you already have. We have a few tips to help you go through this process. 

1. How much does the CRM software cost?

Costs are usually the first thing to consider when shopping around for software. This is because you don’t want to invest all your money in a single software, as running the business entails a number of other important costs other than the software. As a web designer, you should note that the cost of CRM software highly varies from one vendor to another as their pricing are dependable on a number of factors which perfectly elaborates. Because you already know what is CRM, considering factors such as the number of users and the kinds of features available will help you settle for the best bargain. 

You will mostly be paying a set per-user per month, while this may be different from other vendors who charge a flat fee for a set of users per month. You should ask to know in case there will be additional fees for additional users. Usually, pricing ranges from $10 to thousands of dollars per user per month. This rate, however, depends on your business needs too. As a web designer, these factors are key for close consideration before landing CRM software for your business. 

2. CRM Features

The features that come with your CRM software are very important to you as a web designer. You must, therefore, consider closely the types of features you need and what you actually get. Some of the features CRM software offers a business include:

– Marketing – Business development and growth highly depends on the marketing strategies used. A good CRM has essential marketing features to enable you to conduct online marketing rightfully. It is, however, the good news that a number of CRM solutions have integral promoting tools. These may include email marketing pipelines and lightweight project management tools. Some of them even provide options for competition tracking and sales predicting abilities.

– E-commerce – Some sophisticated CRM software have integrated e-commerce features. These features enable you to trade online with users more easily. When choosing CRM software, the availability of this feature should be a plus to you. 

– Call center – Most cheaply rated CRM products lack call center capabilities. However, they may have third-party integrations that enable the linking of call center software with the CRM software. However, if a call center is vital to your web design business, it is advisable to embrace a CRM design with full call center features.

Questions to ask when choosing CRM software

Going by the discussion above, you now understand that there are many different types of CRM software in the market. However, choosing the right one is essential if you want the selection to work for you. Here are some questions you should ask vendors before you can decide:

– What is the execution process like?
– How much is technical assistance built-in?
– What type of security features does the application come with?
– Are there any user minimums?
– What is the total cost of the software? 
– Are there any extra fees on top of the software cost? 
– Can it easily integrate with other solutions I already use?
– Is the API accessible?