What is AI Augmentation?


Artificial is an exciting topic to follow these days; the industry surpassed the early stages of development and is almost ready to present to us more AI solutions anytime now. You have been monitoring the tech world via trusted Internet sources, and you might even have bought your first ever AI hardware with shops like Inside Tech, but you still lack some knowledge about AI augmentation. Well, that is about to change. Here are all the facts you should be aware of when it comes down to AI augmentation.

Augmented intelligence is an alternative concept of artificial intelligence that focuses on AI’s assistive role. Its role is to emphasize the fact that cognitive technology is designed to support human intelligence and not replace it. It is all about the role human intelligence possesses when using deep learning and machine learning algorithms to solve complicated problems. In other words, AI augmentation is to support, speed up, and increase the efficiency of humans’ work.
Examples of such technologies are self-driving cars that are already being tested, and various applications like, for example, auto-transcription software. In almost every industry, there is a need for AI augmentation, especially in Europe, as there are already too few workers to do the job that needs to be done. This technology would help and make it possible for people to do more in less time and in a more comfortable way. The world is speeding up, and we need artificial intelligence to help us follow before we reach our body’s and mind’s limits. There are already some augmented intelligence solutions introduced to the market, and the current prognosis shows that this technology is the future of the world’s development.

Prepare yourself for the revolution, as it is about to begin. However, don’t expect the world to turn upside down, augmented intelligence is designed to aid humans, not give them a different purpose. If you can, invest some time in the research of AI, and find yourself ahead of most people.