Tools to Used For A Video Wall LED Screen Animation


In the past decade, huge video walls are available only at casinos, malls, and stadiums. And only big brands and multinational businesses use a giant wall of digital signage to promote their companies. But today, there’s been an increasing demand and use of large LED displays. As the technology becomes more affordable, many entrepreneurs have also seen the perks of using this new way of advertising.

Have you considered setting up a video wall LED screen to promote your products and services? If you don’t have any clear plans yet on how best to go about this project, the insights on this post might be of help.

What is a Video Wall LED Screen? And Why Use Animation?

Using a video wall LED screen is beneficial for a lot of reasons. First, it affords flexibility in terms of shape and size. You can also choose to have an indoor or outdoor display. And most importantly, using a video wall allows you to promote your brand to a wider audience.

Yes, you can choose to launch text-based and graphic ads on your video wall. But experts suggest that using animation and video-based content can generate more engagement than the traditional text and graphic ads. Animated videos carry more psychological appeal, considering the life-like portrayals of the product’s benefits. Videos are effective in giving context to ideas. Besides, animations make the viewers anticipate what will happen next; hence, making them watch the videos a little longer.

Things to Know About LED Screen Animation Work

Are you now excited to create your first animation adverts? Before doing anything, make sure that you know the business goals by heart. Doing this allows you to come up with content that will perfectly convey your ideas. In the same way, this also helps you choose the apt clips to include in the animation. Make sure the content is relevant and relatable. And ideally, create animations that are attention-grabbing.

Tools You Can Use to Get Started in Video Creation and Animation

When creating animations, one of the first things you need to prioritize is your choice of video creation tools. Remember, your ads will fall short in attracting the right audience if these are not made well. Whether you’ve chosen to show your animations on an outdoor or indoor large LED displays, here are some tools you might like to consider:

– Shotcut – As an open-source software, this tool allows you to edit videos with standard editing features for free. You can also refer to an active users forum for queries and tutorials. This can be used on macOS, Linux, and Windows machines.

– PowerDirector 16 – This software has a wide array of free features to use. On top of that, it also offers third party plugins if you need more features. The standard action footage and the non-360 are two of the best features of PowerDirector 16.

– Camtasia – This could be your best bet if you’re looking for a software that can handle 4K footage editing. Camtasia also has features for transitions, color editing, speed adjustment, and other special effects.

– Vyond – The best thing about Vyond is the availability of templates you can use to create digital signage and training videos. Also, it has pre-built themed characters, object sets, and industry-specific storyboards.

– Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Like the other Adobe media editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro CC can handle VR/360, 8K, and 4K formats. You can also integrate this software with other Adobe products (e.g., Illustrator, Photoshop).

Tools for Monitoring and Controlling the Animation Displays

Experts suggest that it’s best to create multimedia assets in bulk. Doing this saves time. And all you need to do next is to schedule the display of different animations. To schedule and control videos, you can use OnSign TV, ScreenCloud, Zeetaminds, and Yodeck.

Animations on large LED displays at malls, stadiums, and even in offices contribute a lot on the branding and reach of companies. The good thing today is the availability of a wide range of video creation tools companies can use to share their company message in exciting ways. The next best thing to do is to organize a team that will get this done with your company goals in mind.