How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Instagram


Instagram is one of the most successful social media apps out there, ranking as the fourth most downloaded mobile app in the 2010s. With the popularity of this type of social platform, as well as the relevance of visuals to marketing, building a video and photo-sharing app seems like a more than viable option for a business. Upfront costs and timeline are often serious concerns in app development, however. Fortunately, options such as Builder Studio can give you a dev alternative that comes in cheaper and in less time. Builders, let’s talk about some of the best features you can get out of developing a photo sharing app in Builder Studio.
Cost of build: $64,471
Timeline: 39 weeks

Feature #1: Chat

What’s a social media app without chat? Chat serves as a way for your users to dialogue over content and create new connections. Plus, including chat in your photo app is a great way to ensure user’s keep logging in. Having messages from friends and family to check in on keeps your user coming back to your app every day.

Feature #2: Connect Social Media Account

Business users will appreciate this feature as it gives them a way to unify their brand across platforms. Sharing images from your photo app on other social media platforms also helps businesses add a key (and ideally polished) visual element to their social media marketing. For casual users, connecting social media accounts means one thing— getting everything done in one click. Have a great image to share? Just post it once and it extends across multiple platforms.

Feature #3: Dashboard

Businesses and social media influencers need metrics to understand how their social media is performing. You can include a Dashboard feature in your Instagram-like app to provide your users with insights into how they are doing. Data on which images are getting the most attention or generating the most conversation is essential information for professional users.

Feature #4: Followers

Many photo app users are invested in how many and what types of followers they have. A followers feature makes it easy for users to check in on this important status indicator. A followers feature also allows users to create new connections and uncover new accounts, increasing the relevance of your app in their lives.

Feature #5: Live streaming

A live streaming feature lets your users share video footage with followers in the moment. Social media sharing has become more ephemeral, with live streaming and temporary or self-destruct posts increasing in popularity. In fact, it is estimated that live streaming will account for over 80 percent of internet traffic in 2020. Brands also love to leverage this marketing tool; the vast majority of internet users say that they prefer interacting with a brand via live streaming rather than traditional social posts.
Builders, have you had experience with your own photo-sharing app? What features would you like to see and do you think are most relevant? Feel free to head over to Builder Studio, too, to see how easy app development can be with the right solution in your corner. It’s absolutely free of cost.