5 Stunning Apps to Add Speech to Your Images


Sometimes to make an impact, your photo needs some message in text form before you share it across your social sites. It could be just a joke, an inspirational text, or a saying, but whatever it is, it could make the photo go viral and stick to people’s minds for a long time.

Overlaying speech on your photo has never been this comfortable with some remarkable android apps. These apps will assist you in editing the photo and crack a joke on its image for a lasting impact on the audience. Regardless of how astounding your photo could be, a text on it could add more glamor and make it more shareable. The following are among the best apps that will assist you in creating a thrilling and engaging photo from the texts added on it.

1. PicLab
It is an all-in-one photo editing application that is full-fledged. This app allows you to include texts on your photos and other features too. Apart from the topography, this fantastic app will allow you to add borders, textures, or some creative filters on the images. PicLab will also enable you to rotate, resize, and even apply several text layers to come up with a masterpiece.

In case you feel the urge to personalize your images more, there is a drawing tool installed in the app. However, the fascinating feature with this application is the capacity to fabricate stunning collages. There are numerous collage templates to select from, and you could also add texts on top of the collage.

2. Visualwatermark
You do not have to be using Visualwatermark for fabricating only watermarks. It is also an easy to use photo editor that will enable you to add text to your images. Import the photos to the app and start editing with Visualwatermark. The application has over 260 in-built fonts, including the minimalist, bold, classic, and fun fonts.

Visual watermark will also enable you to add logos to your photos or even both texts and logos. The logos can be imported, or you can select one from your logos. With visualwatermark, you can experience three-dimensional features on your texts. The app will also ensure you can apply two-color effects simultaneously on your writings. The top flight of this app is that you can add text to your videos too.

3. Watermarkly
Watermarkly is another remarkable app that assists you to add more taste and class to your photos. It works in a straightforward mechanism where you drag the photo you want to edit and then employ the effects and texts you want to add.

With this app, you can add text to photo, or even a logo, or both if you wish and edit them to fit your style. Editing is quite easy and straightforward as the settings are placed just adjacent to the logo or text. With watermarkly, you have a wide array of colors, fonts, and opacity levels to select from.

4. Typic
This app has more than 5 million users, and customers seem to be delighted with the app from the reviews received. Typic has more than 300 fonts and filters, too, with over 500 artworks. Their tool kit will enable you to come up with a masterpiece of a photo that will succeed on the internet. Typic will enable you to create breath-taking pictures and funny memes too. With this app, you can also add a logo to your photos, which appear in four different versions.

5. Word Swag
In case you are looking to sprinkle some swag to your photos, then this app is your answer. The app incorporates thousands of captions and around 1.3 million free background images. Along with these fantastic features are fascinating text effects such as watercolor, gold foil, and stamp.

A captivating collection of graphic fonts is also available in this app created by elite artists. Word swag has got the best combination of layout and fonts that you could ever find on these photo editing apps. The app is ideal for all bloggers and virtually anyone wishing to create bewildering and shareable memes or pictures online.

Final Thoughts
Make your photos go viral by adding some taste and flavor to them. Make proper use of these top apps to curate lively images with texts and fine-looking logos. Add some touch of color on the pictures making them relatable with the situation they are describing.