Photo Editing Tips and Ideas


Editing a photo is as important a step as the way you take your photo. Adjusting colors, contrast, shadows, and other features can make a difference: selfies, photographs of landscapes or our happiest moments. Mobile phones and cameras are used to capture all kinds of memories thanks to the power of their cameras.

Before sharing them on social networks, many times we would like to be able to give them an original touch or fix certain notorious flaws in the images. Therefore, in this tutorial, we tell you what are the photo editing tips & ideas if you want to edit photos like a professional.

Photo Editing Tips and Ideas

To make these adjustments you do not need to know much about editing and as you have seen the changes can be very remarkable. You can perform all these steps or just some; everything will depend on what your image asks for. Or it may have been so beautiful to you that you do not need to do any of these actions! This edition is also a matter of practice, and in this case, you do not even need to go out, open your file, look for a picture that does not convince you too much and go to work! If you need expert level of photo editing service for your commercial photos you should find expert editors from online who provides professional clipping path service provider and more.

Eliminate Unwanted Elements:
In many occasions, there are elements that we can not make disappear before shooting. Or maybe we do not realize, a figure in the background that sneaks, some papers on the floor, a cable through a wall or a graffiti, like in the case of our example. But luckily there is the clone buffer and the correction tool. Either one of them can be used to eliminate those unwanted elements that can spoil our image.

Straighten the Image:
We know that many love crooked horizons we have a lot of photographs like that. This may look nice on an album in which you paste your printed photo with the orientation you want, giving it a fun touch. But if you visualize the image on a computer, it is not so good to see the horizons and the crooked lines. The more you enter this world, the more troublesome the crooked lines. A beautiful sunrise in the sea can be destroyed if the horizon is crooked and we do not want that, right?

Convert to Black and White:
Your image may not say anything in color, no matter how much you adjust the brightness, the contrast, reframing … try to pass it to black and white; you may be pleasantly surprised.

Blur the Background:
By blurring the background, you make the protagonist of your photograph stand out even more. Ideally, shoot with a wide opening, but as we commented with the frame, sometimes it is not possible, either due to lack of time, equipment … now is the time.

Apply A Filter:
There are hundreds of creative filters in different publishers. A screen can give a particular tonality to an image by changing it completely with just one click.

Put A Frame:
It is not that it is an essential action, but it can give a special touch to your image. Of course, the simpler the frame, the better it will be. We recommend that if you want to put some, that it is a smooth white border, it is much more elegant and will not detract from your image.

Without a doubt the essential function in editing your photos. Most photographers cut through their photos to arrive at a better composition of the image. Try to cut your images by following the presence of objects.

Color correction:
Most of the time, the “auto correction” feature in your free editing software is sufficient. However, you will sometimes see a result … weird. The function can change the color of your photos in a way that you do not necessarily want. By adjusting the red, yellow or orange of your photo editing software, you can accentuate the colors, making the photo warmer. Do this if you want to accentuate the effects of a sunset or sunrise. By changing the blues and greens, the picture will take a colder appearance, with softer colors. Do this to accentuate the winter or distant effect of your image. The settings must always be as subtle as possible so that the photo remains natural.

Contrast controls the color of your shadows. Slightly increasing the contrast will accentuate the shadows and bright spots in your photo, giving it a little punch.

Color or Black & White?
Mountain biking, black and white photos are not familiar but beautiful when retouched as it should. Images with a lot of contrast will look more dramatic in black and white.

The gradient is undoubtedly one of the favorite settings of people, which darkens the angles of the image. This is an old technique really easy to do with any basic editing software. The gradient will darken the background of the image, giving the impression that your subject is in a frame. Depending on the software used, you can control the Gradient area, the sharpness of the inner edges and the intensity. Have fun tweaking the settings until you find the point where your subject will stand out the best.

Other Basic Settings:
Once the lighting and contrast are adjusted, we move on to make other level adjustments such as white balance or saturation. Regarding the white balance, it is best to have shot in RAW, because this way you can adjust it with just a “click” otherwise you will have to do it manually.


Image editing is an art. Making a good retouch at a professional level takes a long time. The essential thing is that you do not notice that the photo is retouched unless you want to do something artistic or a bit extreme.

You always have to start from a good photo, from a good base. If the picture is terrible from the beginning, you will work hard to clean it. Worry at the time of making the photo that everything is correct: framing, exposure, etc. You’ll save yourself a lot of work later.

Learn from the best. You have to educate the eye. You do very poorly if you spend all day watching photos on Facebook since your friends usually hang photos of “questionable” taste. How many people have bought SLR cameras and upload pictures that have nothing, beyond that the camera and the lens are perfect, but if you look carefully at the same photo anyone can do? It has nothing special.