5 Ways to Create a Strong Brand Presence for Your Business


Starting up a business is something that’s becoming more common with the rise of the digital world. It’s never been more feasible and accessible for so many. The issue with this is that it then creates more competition in the game for entrepreneurs. With so much media and information being consumed by such a large amount of people, you want to be able to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Brand awareness is so important with any kind of business, big or small. A significant brand
presence creates brand awareness and therefore, will make others remember who you are.

Create a Logo and Stick to It

A logo is everything. Think of some of your favourite big brands. I bet you can remember all their logos, can’t you? Spend a lot of time thinking of the perfect logo if you don’t have it already. It doesn’t have to be particularly elaborate, either.

Earlier this year a successful British telecoms company released their new logo having spent years and a lot of money on it. It was their company’s initials in a circle. Whether this was a good or a bad choice is anyone’s decision. The logo is, however, simple and to the point.

We do recommend going for something a bit unusual, but ideally, something that represents your company well, this may be initials or a particular illustration.

Assert Your Business on Social Media

This goes for any business that wants to thrive at all. If you’re not on social media, then what are
you doing? This doesn’t just mean being on social media, but be prevalent, active, and captivating on there too. Do so on all the main platforms.

Instagram is probably the best for promoting brand presence because it’s image and visual focused. Here, you can promote your own image, ad campaigns and company story through images. Instagram allows posting to the feed through permanent pictures, or 24-hour life ‘stories’. Choose your weapon wisely.

Work with the Social Media Influencers

Who better to disseminate your businesses image in the online sphere than someone who has a high number of followers? With consumers seeing a brand with someone they admire and trust, this can only create good press for your business.

This way of spreading brand presence has become a new form of advertising, if not better. With members of the public seeing a product or a service being used by an ‘average’ person, not only will it contribute to brand awareness, but will make the product appear more accessible.

Get Business Cards

Let’s focus on the world outside online, now. Business cards have been around almost for as long as the concept of businesses themselves or at least printers. Yet, they are effective, and they do help with creating and maintaining the image and awareness of your company.

Business cards are those items that tend to linger in a purse or wallet, or an office draw for a while. Even if the person you give your card to doesn’t inspect the card, they will always see the image/color scheme. This is something you’re going to want to make stick! Cartões de visita produce creative, tasteful and memorable business cards for customers around the globe.

Know SEO

SEO is all about getting yourself in the first page of search results on a search engine. The vast majority of internet users don’t look past this page, so you want to get your business noticed.Looking into SEO strategies for your business, your audience and your product will help establish you being the top result on your online articles. If consumers repeatedly see your website – your brand – then they will know they have to check you out.