Make Sure You’re Aware of these Web Design Trends for 2020


The world is constantly progressing and changing. We just can’t seem to sit still and let something stay the same, a testament to the nature of human beings, who are always searching for something better, or the next big thing. This is no different when it comes to web design, as any website that thinks “that’s good enough for now” will fall behind the pack and be overtaken by those bolder and more daring to try new things.

While there’s still a lot to like with regard to website templates, and some pre-made options can indeed be quite engaging, many clients are looking for something unique when they call upon web designers to create something from scratch. Because any web designer worth their salt should be aware of trends and patterns in the industry, here are things to look out for next year.

Go oversized with images and fonts

If you really want to resonate with first-time site visitors, it’s a great idea to opt for large, bold typography and even full screen videos and images. Bigger menu icons wouldn’t hurt, either. There’s something incredibly attention-grabbing about these bigger elements, although make sure you strike a good balance and don’t make the site a complete eyesore. A full screen image before the first fold, combined with larger typography, gives visitors that “wow” factor that so many websites are lacking these days.

Try going split screen

Can’t decide on which image or graphic to present the viewer with first? How about both at the same time? Split screen presentation is a great idea, because it’s a neat and tidy way to include two different themes. A fashion website, for example, could run an image and a video side by side, with any text conjoining the two together. This is something you can really mess around with, and even throw a bit of unevenness into the mix just to be different.

Augmented reality

Using AR within web design is still very much in the beginner stages, but it’s catching on fast. Glasses retailer Specsavers allows viewers to try on different frames using AR, and IKEA has made it possible to view certain pieces of furniture in your own home with its new app called Place. Don’t forget that before the hype cooled down significantly, Pokémon Go was the hottest thing in the world for a while, and it was all because of augmented reality. AR will change a lot in the next 5 years, but expect some more leaps and bounds in 2020, as this is a new and exciting way for viewers to be fully immersed in both the digital and physical worlds.

More motion and interactive elements

We’re not just talking about cute, loading screen graphics (which you should definitely already have), but subtle, micro-animations (or micro-interactions) that simply bring the page to life and draw a viewer’s attention. Bring in more interactive features, like the curser switching to something else when hovering over a menu, or even dissolving or moving typography as the page changes. When users feel like there’s more going on with the page than meets the eye, it sparks a curiousness that’s hard to replicate elsewhere. However, just don’t overdo anything and make your site a mass of swirling and moving elements that will make someone seasick if they look too long! Simply use the features to help with the storytelling of your site.