The Importance of a Cohesive Brand from Web to Signage


Creating a cohesive brand is essential for any business. It helps distinguish your company from your competitors and provides consumers with a great first impression of what your company has to offer. Apart from designing a remarkable logo that suits your brand, there’s a lot that goes into building a cohesive brand. It is important to remain consistent with your designs, from your typeface to your chosen color palette.

A well-designed brand builds trust among your customers and improves your online visibility. A major part of forming a cohesive brand involves creating proper signage. Did you know that you can get the best signage for branding that’s customized for your distinct brand?

Here are the 4 reasons why it’s important to build a cohesive brand from web to signage:

Brand memorability

The success of your business partly depends on how memorable your brand is. You ought to create effective visual cues that resonate with your audience. Don’t just design a mediocre logo and expect to be noticed right away – the amount of time and effort you put into branding yourself will certainly manifest and get the recognition it deserves. Therefore, hire an expert to create stunning logos and graphic designs for your brand. Aim at creating strong visual elements that will prompt customers to recognize your brand whenever they see it.

Brand distinction

Creating a cohesive brand distinguishes you from the competition. Other than the obvious differences in logo and design look, branding yourself allows you to forge strong, intimate connections with your consumers. A cohesive brand is also able to convey your company’s distinct purpose and evoke positive emotions among your potential and loyal clients. A powerful brand should positively impact consumers’ actions and thought patterns. It’s important to form a cohesive brand that is all about creating emotional connections.

Great first impression

In business, first impressions count. Studies reveal that the human mind remembers a whopping 65% of visual data compared to a meager 10-20% of spoken or written text. Consumers are intuitively attracted to brands that are visually pleasing. If you’re looking to create a cohesive brand, you should select fonts, colors and graphic elements that are both legible and attractive. Remember to maintain your brand’s consistency by sticking to a single logo style and color scheme throughout all of your marketing materials.

Improving efficiency

Over and above the delightful offerings of brand cohesiveness, your business also enjoys enhanced efficiency. Since you already have an array of predesigned ad templates and branding elements, you spend less time and resources creating new designs whenever you’re thinking of advertising afresh. This allows you to channel the extra resources towards more pertinent campaigns.

6 tips on creating a cohesive brand

Stay consistent: use the same signage, logos, taglines and brand mottos when advertising. Your color palette and design features should also be similar. Consistency not only makes you appear more professional, it also helps consumers to remember your brand with ease.

Get help from an experienced graphic designer: Building a cohesive brand certainly isn’t a one-man engagement. You should collaborate with a talented designer who clearly comprehends your brand’s vision. Your preferred designer will help create attractive branding templates that perfectly suit your business.

Create powerful messages: Every brand must have a unique vision that sets it apart from the pack. However, some brands focus entirely on creating stunning visual cues and forget to work on their messaging. When crafting messages for your brand, use the same degree of formality and general tone. Consider your target audience and select a messaging style that appeals to your demographic.

Avoid using too many typefaces: Although using an assortment of fonts for each project might seem fun, it makes you look unprofessional and can severely hurt your brand. Select a few font styles (two or three max) that are legible and fit into every aspect of your brand. Use your chosen typefaces consistently in all your designs.

Create simple, attractive designs: Consumers only have a few seconds to study an advert, so ensure that your image is eye-catching and relays your message effectively. Limit your use of visual elements to avoid confusing your audience. Your designs should be simple and to the point.

Make several logo versions: When designing your logo, ensure that it’s scalable. Create vertical and horizontal logo varieties that can fit into any given space. You could also create a full colored logo and another that’s in black and white, based on your design. Your visual look should remain consistent in all the materials you churn out. When creating a strong, cohesive brand, consistency is key.