Top-10 Websites With Interesting Design to Take Inspiration From


If you find it difficult to find inspiration or want to learn something new, improve your already acquired skills, share your achievements or sell your own masterpieces, we suggest you to get acquainted with the 10 most interesting sites for typical creative personalities. Finding inspiration is not easy. But the good news is that the ability to generate ideas is not a permanent feature, and our brains can be trained in this direction. Today we share with you the most secret sources of inspiration! These 10 sites will become your indispensable help in the design of presentations, reports, posts on social networks. And they are all free.


A global video channel showing the most original in modern culture. This is a movement towards demonstrating the growth in the artistic skill in the storytelling. The site has the property of designate uniqueness every day. It was created in 2010 and took the extraordinary as a special feature since that days. This determines the source of inspiration in fashion, design, beauty, music, food and travel. They position themselves as a site that has no analogues. NOWNESS collaborate with professional and amateur filmmakers.

The only condition for collaboration is a talent that gives the birth to inspiration and discussions. You can create a queue of videos to watch later by clicking the icon on any video thumbnail. The is also featured under the video player. If you are a registered member, your queue will be available when you return. One more additional function is that this site algorithms suggest videos that you might like from films that you have previously liked.


This site is about cultural and social life. If you’re an artist, photographer, architect or designer, and would like to have your project published on IGNANT, email submissions with a description of your work. There are such headings asart, design, photograohy, architecture, travel. The platfornm researches contemporary aesthetics from a different perspective. Among main awards it has Golden Lead Award ‘Weblog of the Year’ (2011).

You need to share your inspiration! Themed photos and motivational quotes in a peticuluar styles will help frame a presentation, post, booth or article beautifully. Even if you do not need the feedback of others in the future, other people’s thoughts may push you to solve a problem or refine your own idea. Web designers can find modern patterns for decorating backgrounds here.


InspirationDe from around the world about everything. At InspirationDe, users from all over the world share inspiring photos and illustrations. The site is very active and regularly updated with new pictures. High quality images. An abundance of categories (from printing to health). Automatically offers similar images.

At InspirationDe, users from all over the world share inspiring photos and illustrations. The site is very active and regularly updated. It prepared a selection of unusual places where you can catch inspiration. All of these sites are highly specialized and talk about unexpected sources for ideas.


Is design inspiration what makes you feel alive? This site will become your daily ceremony for everyday viewing.. ‘Explore’ link to view categories is for searching pictures. Aldo you can plug in ‘web design’ to filter images of various websites. Other pecularity is availableness of oriented images. That denoted that you can see more of the website when viewing the thumbnails. Pinterest is a service for storing and distributing your photos, your favorite pictures, interesting information.

Under the #handmade hashtag, you’ll find great ideas for creating gifts or creative things with your own hands instructions for them. There are lots of creative ideas for creating clothes, gifts, postcards, accessories, design and interior items, and more. You will definitely find something interesting for yourself. Resource dedicated to photography. Entire galleries of works for new creative ideas.


It allows users to comment on designs. The explanations and descriptions on Awwwards are very detailed and with deep analysis. Therefore, it will be interesting information and experience for anyone who is interested in creating their own sites. Why would you go to Awwwards for design inspiration? Three words: Talented. Approved. Content.

Here you will not find outdated design rules. Rather, these will be somewhat incomprehensible, vague and modern ideas.

Creative failure or unwillingness to create something happens in artistic people lifes. But having great examples of working hard with a creative approach gives new strength. Do not deny your beginning acceptance of the norm of inspiration. Awwwards is the very vibrant community.

CSS Nectar

This is another treasure trove of design inspiration. There is a quick search function by colour, feature, country, and category. Featured websites are rated based on design, coding, and creativity and can be sorted. All submitted sites for review are triple-checked by a professional. That’s why you can be sure of their quality. Detailed filtering options is one more peticuliar. For quick search tag your chosen options with definite tags or filters. CSS Nectar makes finding inspiration for specific types of sites easier with included category, feature, country, and color tags. Site visitors are accustomed to flipping through pages quickly and taking a quick look at posts. For example, the site is full of inspiration for girls: cosmetics, accessories, cooking, fashion, makeup, flowers, etc. Overloaded layouts, where developers have tried to put a lot of information, are confusing. Simplicity is the key to users’ undivided attention. And this simplicity begins with the effective use of free space.


What do you know about success in today’s world? Do you want to know everything in design world? Then you’re here! People love to check out the MIT brand there. In addition, you will be able to see all the professors ever existing as well as their path to development. Using Feedly is the best way to keep on top of all the insights I need to be successful nowadays.

There is a desighn heading too. Feedly helps to keep feeling of organization and save time when sifting through hundreds of articles every day. Using Feedly you keep in touch with the movers and thinkers in the venture capital industry. The easiest way to wake your imagination and make the brain generate new ideas is to look at the best examples of other people’s artistic and design work.

Woven Magazine

The name of the site speaks for itself. Woven blooms out of this tradition. This is a space that intends creativity of all kinds and all times. As soon as we understand our past we will realize who we are. Stories from Artists, Designers, Entrepreneurs are on the platform. History has passed to us with great minds of our past. Between these journeys between the past and the present is the new frontiers of our personality. This is what they propose to discover in ourselves while browsing this site. Woven Magazine provides you with an information list of the most important updates every month. This is very useful and helps to save time in the flow of information.


ArtStation is the leading showcase platform for games, film, media entertainment artists.
If you are interested in the field of digital media, this is the place for your greatest inspiration. The site is being filled and visited by more than one million users.
But unprofessional and poor-quality work does not go through. It is one of the largest sites with professional artists in this direction.

What you need to succeed in the field of cinema, game development, and industrial design is The ArtStation portfolio. ArtStation makes you notice. With your portfolio, you can attract the attention of employers who also monitor this site in search of talent. There is an analytics feature that lets you see who has checked your portfolio. You can even flaunt your digital robots and prints here.


Abduzeedo is a collection of authors who share articles on from design and photography to UX. Having been created as a personal blog, the site has become a digital publication. Independent authors from around the world fill it with interesting material, accompanying the design approach to each publication. Abduzeedo is a part of Steale LLC now. If you’ve been interested in the evolution of design for years, this is your inspiration place. Experimenting with Abduzeedo styles has become the key to the one of the most popular design blogs in the world. Here you can promote your own product. You will be able to find designers for your projects. And as metter-of-course, your feelings will get inspired for the actions by reviewing masterpieces.

So how do you overcome these difficulties and adjust yourself to the right order? We offer some effective ways to always support your creativity and generate new ideas.

When you’re in a dead end, and work requires creativity, these sites advises will help to find a completely different approach to solving the problem. If you need help in making a really cool and creative resume or CV, but don’t have some inspiration, ask for help resume writers from Resume Get. They know how to inspire your future employers. A brief shift of focus from one task to another on different platforms will also help. Changing focus will give the time for brain to process new data subconsciously before returning to your main question again. For someone, inspiration is a long process that stimulates the ability to work on something. For someone, it is a momentary illumination that came as a result of previous reflections. We hope you find these sites effective for your creativity!