Practical Data Security Tips for Ambitious Webpreneurs


Companies lose billions of dollars each year due to the high cost of repairing systems that have been compromised by network intrusions, according to the FBI. Large firms aren’t the only targets, so webpreneurs, including web designers and developers, should beef up data security in order to reduce the risk of expensive system repairs down the line. If you’re a webpreneur, going without the right data security system will leave you vulnerable to cyber attacks that negatively impact your bottom line and business reputation.

Find an antivirus program with real-time protection

You may not have a ton of money to put into data security, so choosing the right antivirus program will be important. It’ll be a major line of defense against network intrusions. When you find an antivirus program that offers real-time protection, you’ll get more for your money. Real-time protection means continuous protection from an assortment of data security threats, including malware. CoreTech asserts that choosing the right antivirus software will add value to your company, whether you’re working as an independent contractor or leading a team. Before deciding which program to buy, read reviews and compare features. Make sure that you’re getting cutting-edge software that scans every e-mail message and file for known threats. You should also seek out a program that offers protection from ransomware threats, which may be severe enough to destroy your business, at least temporarily.

Enable two-factor authentication

When you enable two-factor authentication, the process of logging into your accounts may take a little longer, but you’ll access extra protection from online threats. Two-factor (2FA) authentication provides another layer of security, although it’s not infallible. Data is valuable and it needs the special protection that this form of authentication offers. Without 2FA authentication, a hacker may be able to access your accounts with unsettling ease. Two-factor authentication via a 3rd-party authenticator app, rather than SMS, is the safest option, although authentication via text is certainly convenient. With SMS, there is the possibility that a shady character will hijack your two-factor authentication codes. With an 3rd-party authenticator app, hijacking won’t be a potential problem.

Avoid clicking on email links

Phishing schemes are an epidemic online and even the most tech-savvy webpreneurs may get tricked into clicking on bad links. Never open attachments or spam from strangers, as doing so may grant cyber intruders easy access to your system and all of your precious business data. Sophisticated cyber attacks often begin through simple phishing attacks that start with just one click, so get into the habit of considering every hyperlink or attachment a big threat.

These practical tips will help you to keep your system secure and protect the privacy of your clients. When you place a high premium on data security, you’ll build a strong foundation for long-term success. You’ll reduce the risk of cyber attacks when you choose the right antivirus program, utilize 2FA authentication and avoid clicking on email links.