Placeit Image Cropper


In people’s mind, there is always a misconception that e-commerce merchants have to be experts in every aspect of their business but there’s marketing, website design, video production, product design, sales, and a whole lot more. But the truth is, you can’t do it all by yourself at least not at the “expert” level of skill that is required to make your business successful.

There are many websites and tools out there that offer a step-by-step, easy-to-use process for creating brand mockups, Image cropper, and demo videos that require minimal time and absolutely no design or Photoshop skills. This means you can create things like custom apparel and branded products that can set your store apart from the rest, all in a few simple steps.

About Placeit
Placeit is a one-stop-shop for mock-ups, image cropper, logo design, templates, and animated videos.” Whether you sell T-shirts and want a new way to show off your designs professionally and realistically. Placeit has thousands of apparel and digital device mockups that take just seconds to make.
Or maybe you need a new logo for your online business. Placeit has you covered with easy-to-use logo makers that can help set your e-commerce store apart from the rest and solidify your brand. Placeit maintains that their teams “marry design and technology to create high-quality branding and marketing tools” so anyone can create effective visual assets and products for their brand regardless of technical or artistic skills.

Image Cropper
This Image Cropper is all just what you need for your benefits where you can resize JPG or PNG images for free with our new Placeit image cropper tool. All you can do is just upload your file, choose your size from our dropdown menu or custom pixel size and that’s it, your content is ready. Let’s see what you can do with this Image Cropper tools:

Social Media Images in the Right Size – Each social media platform is unique and accepts different image sizes. Crop your posts to highlight exactly what you want. Then resize them to fit your preferred platform and be sure to get your message across.

Crop Your Banner Ads the Easy Way – Banner ads usually need to be just the right size to be accepted by platforms like the GDN, Facebook or Instagram Ads. Make sure you’re using the right sizes and avoid them getting rejected.

Perfect T-Shirt Design Sizes for Each POD – Already have your t-shirt designs to take the print on demand world by storm? If they’re not in the right size, consider using Placeit’s image cropper to get the size your POD asks for.

How Much Does Placeit Cost?
Unlimited Subscription- with this plan all you need to pay is $19.95 a month or $99.95 a year, you will get unlimited access to all of Placeit’s mockups, design templates, video templates, and logo makers. There’s no subscription minimum, so keep your subscription for as long as you like. You can also make and download as many assets (i.e., mockups, videos, logos, etc.) as you need.

Single Purchases- with this plan, you can pay as per your need if you only want one mockup or single T-shirt design, you can pay for just that item without paying for a full monthly subscription. You can easily purchase image mockups are $7, video mockups are $9, a single logo purchase is $39, a single video purchase is $9, and a single design template is $2.