5 Certifications That Actually Impress Recruiters


Specialized certifications look good on a resume but there are so many certifications available online today and it is important to know exactly which ones impress recruiters.

Whether you choose an online or in-class certification program, some certifications are powerful enough to prepare you for a range of new possibilities. Not all certifications are created equal, however, and these are the ones that are most likely to impress recruiters.

Project Management Certifications (PMP)

Project Management credentials prove that you have the management skills to take projects from inception through to completion. Undergo the training for PMP and you will learn the key concepts, tools and techniques that will enhance your application and future advancement opportunities in the industry.

Many people have organizational and leadership skills but those with certification are valued by recruiters because they have proof of this. The knowledge you gain can also be applied to other fields at the leadership level.

Software certifications (HubSpot Inbound, Salesforce, Google Suite)

Various software certifications will help to give you an edge over competitors. If you go for HubSpot Inbound certification, for example, you will learn more about SEO, content marketing strategies, sales funnel optimization and social media marketing. If you’re looking for a role as a digital strategist, consultant or marketer, a certification like this can prove invaluable.

Salesforce certification will teach you what you need to know about CRM platforms. It will prove that you understand the intricacies of these platforms and that you can apply the data to offer real-world solutions.

A recent independent survey of Salesforce professionals found that 71% of respondents held at least one Salesforce certification. Of those who’d earned a certification, 44% experienced an increase in their salary after becoming certified. If you want to expand your understanding of the Salesforce product family, we recommend building a fundamental knowledge base with the Platform App Builder certification and work from there to develop your skillset with one of the more advanced qualifications.

Google offers many product-specific certifications that you can use to improve your competitive edge. If you have Google Analytics certification, for example, it shows that you know how to set up campaigns, collect data and analyze trends.

Artificial Intelligence Certifications

Many businesses are beginning to invest in artificial intelligence in areas ranging from data analytics to security. Now is the perfect time to earn a certification in artificial intelligence as demand is only going to grow.

There are not that many qualified people in the AI industry, and those with sufficient training can get great jobs with excellent salaries. There are a number of organizations that offer certification but it is important to receive accreditation from a reputable institution, such as MIT, which offers a course of AI and its implications for business strategy.

Network Certifications (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE)

If you want to be a network engineer, there are various certifications offered by Cisco, a world leader in IT and networking. A good network engineer typically has a CCNA or a CCNP.

For more advanced positions, recruiters are impressed by those who have persevered and passed the written exams and lab exams for the CCIE, a series of high-level certifications for Network Infrastructure leaders.

IT Security certifications

Cybersecurity has become ever more important over the last decade. A Security+ certification is recommended most often as the first security certification IT professionals should have. It means you have core knowledge about security roles and a springboard to intermediate level jobs in security.

It incorporates best practices in troubleshooting, offering practical security problem-solving skills. You will need more than Security+ if you want to move along this pathway but it can prepare you for IT cybersecurity jobs.

Know Your Certification Options
Candidates with these certifications will be favorably regarded by recruiters which is so important in the current economic situation. Certification is not just another bullet point on your resume but a validation of your skills and knowledge that hiring managers can trust.