Why Does Brand Identity Matter?


So you decided to create a new application or service, which bring a solution of certain prospectives’ pain points to the new level, or solve them at all. Or even more, you founded something stunning that the world has never seen before.

Well, a good idea is a big deal, but the manner of its realization defines, whether the audience will accept it. Attention shall be focused on outsmarting UI/UX design and development of clear navigation throughout the app. Your product shall be outstanding and evoke the positive perception by the target audience. Here, brand identity science comes into the game.

What Is Brand Identity?

Let’s be coherent and begin with the definition of brand identity. Basically, it is the ability of the consumer to remember certain trademark at the moment of making a purchase (in our case while surfing across App Store or Google Play or wherever). This value is critically important for increasing of app downloads. In case if the brand is recognizable, there are possible situations, when most parts of the target audience associate certain service or product exactly with you. For instance, if someone asks to name a social network application, it is likely that 9 of 10 will name Facebook. So if you developed some application, you need to pay attention to the process of its brand identity producing. And the very first thing here is the logo icon. It must be remarkable and eye-catching, so while scrolling the list of different apps, one has to stand out from the others.

What’s Next?

We can say that the logo is a top of the funnel as if it attractive, the prospect is likely to click on it and see detailed information about your product. Next, you have to create a fine interior of the whole application, pick the right colors, choose the best fitting fonts, maybe think of some creative interactive elements within the app interface. It is reasonable to review the most popular apps of your niche at the market. Analyze all features, try to understand what makes it so attractive to users. Proceed received results, engage all of your creative imagination and develop top-notch output with UI/UX designer who has expertise in this issue. You need to create such an image of the product, that once people saw it, they completely associate it with proper service.

Ideal brand identity level is when your trademark is recognizable by anyone even if it is under visual censorship. You may have seen from time to time scenes in the movies where certain objects are blurred or covered, like a tapped logo on Apple production, and still, everyone knows what trademark it is. Because Apple designed not only easy to perceive logo and placed it right at the center, but also chose quite limited types of colors that are difficult to be unrecognized.
How To Promote Brand Identity?

Once you’re done with all design matters, use as many channels of promoting your app as possible. Most common here are:

– Direct advertisement (publishing on proper communication channels, posting in social networks like Facebook and Instagram, Mass distribution of promotional messages through the mail, messengers, partnership publications);

– Latent (native) advertising (increasing of the popularity with the help of informative posts publishing, reviews, articles);

– With the help of engaging famous people (celebrities) and publishing on their official social network pages.

Of course, each of the methods isn’t free and sometimes can be quite expensive, but without promoting, your product will simply sink to nowhere. Hence, it is sensible to spend some money so the time you spend on app development was not in vain.