How to Design an Entry Level Road Bike in AutoCAD


AutoCAD is a go-to 3D toolset which enables you to model any form of your imagination like e-bikes. Most bike manufacturers use AutoCAD to design their bikes. The software is ideal software for modeling a 3D design or 2D design. All you have to know about the software and how to use its tool set.

Before starting to design your bike in AutoCAD, you have to know all about the toolset. There are so many tools which you have to utilize to model a bike of your own. Unlike other 3D software available in the market, AutoCAD is considered to be the best bike designing software. An entry level bike is fun to design in AutoCAD.

If you are a fresher in AutoCAD, it may take a lot of time to accomplish the whole design. On the other hand, an expert does not need a long time for designing. There are tremendous resources online; you can go to understand the designing software. Also, you can contact an expert for your design. You need to hire him and pay according to his demand.

But you should not worry more because you are the right place from where you can learn how to design specific products in AutoCAD. AutoCAD can be used for many purposes like interior design ideas, geographical, multimedia, surveying, engineering or even for town planning.

I hope this instructional article will help you design your own. All you have to do here is to follow the straightforward instruction. And, of course, at the end of the piece of writing, you will end up gathering enough knowledge for the entire design process.

Install the software (AutoCAD) in your computer
Before you are going to install the software on your hard drive, you have to create an Autodesk account to use their 3D software. Though it is computer-aided software, you need to sign up on their website for further support.

Moreover, you can use their software free if you are a student. Using your student email, you can avail the opportunity for the first three years. You can use their original software for 30 days as well for a free trial period.

AutoCAD is a professional, in-depth software design suite that helps you to generate a sophisticated result. If you are professional, you can purchase their software that will have more benefit for you.
Once you have completed the first process of signing up on their website, you can now download the software to install in your computer. The installation process of this software is not so complicated. Like other software installation, you can install it on your own.

Setting up the workspace
For getting started, you have to open and set up the workspace where you are going to design your dream bike. After opening a workspace, you need to change the toolbar from “Drafting and Annotation” to “3D Modeling”. It will create an environment to design your bike.
Now, it is time to design all the 3D components of the bike including its frame, belt-tensioner mechanism, drivetrain, brakes, axels, wheels, hubs, spokes, power components, handlebars, bicycle seat etc.

Orientation in AutoCAD is essential to understand
There is a compass in the Drawspace in the software. It will allow you to view your design in three-dimensional spaces. By default, it is set to ‘top view’. By clicking on the isometric view next to the house symbol, you can see the 3D Cartesian coordinate system.

This will help you draw it correctly. You can also see the three axes you need to consider while designing your bike. They are x, y and z-axis. You will see them at the let-bottom corner of the Drawspace.

Knowing the toolset, you are going to use
I think you have now enough understanding of the 3D modeling software. Now, you have to know its toolset which will allow you to design the road bike. If I start to describe them one by one, this article will become an epic which I don’t want. Instead, you can learn them yourself. Also, there are enormous resources online about the toolset of the software.

Designing your bike’s 3D components in AutoCAD
Selecting an object from the toolbar, you can start drawing the bike. Sometimes, you may need a circle object while you may need a rectangular to illustrate some specific part of the bike. It is effortless to draw a square or a rectangle.

By clicking and holding your mouse, you can draw what you need around your entity. Like, Microsoft word, you can delete or add objects to your Designspace. When you are done to draw an object and need to mirror the object, you can do just by selecting the tool ‘Mirror’ from the Modify Toolbar.

Turn your bike’s components into the 3D model
Now, you have almost designed the entire bike’s part. It is time to give them a 3D shape. This is the most important as well as interesting part of designing a bike in AutoCAD. After giving them 3D shape, you will see nothing but a dream bike of your own.

In this situation of 3D modeling, you need to change the coordinate system of your software. You worked in top view so far. To enter the front view, you have to type ‘UCS’ which allow you to set you the desired coordinate system.

With the help of 3D builder tools, give frame, belt-tensioner mechanism, drivetrain, brakes, axels, wheels, hubs 3D shape one by one. Some may need circular objects while some may need rectangular shape, cylinder shape, pyramid shape and many others.

Designing a road bike in AutoCAD is fun only if you have enough skills in this 3D modeling software. Not only that, you can design much other 3D design you need by using AutoCAD. It is simple software which helps you to accomplish your complicated 3D model as well.