The 5 Best Productivity Apps for 2019


If there is one piece of advice this generation of workers keeps getting, it is this: work smarter, not harder. The professional world, these days, is all about getting more done in less time and while putting in the optimal amount of effort. This need to continually boost productivity has created an indispensable reliance on technology and apps that allow us to increase productivity.

Productivity apps have become an integral part of our day-to-day routine. While some productivity apps enable you to automate various office functions, others help us refine communication. In this diverse list, we review the five best productivity apps of 2019.

1. Wunderlist

If you are looking for an app that will help you with your to-do-lists, Wunderlist should be your first choice. Compared to the hoard of task management apps currently available in the market, Wunderlist is quite easy to use. Most task management apps have folders, contexts, subtasks, locations, etc., which makes them somewhat difficult to organize and use.

Wunderlist is very straightforward in this regard. All users are required to do is create group listings, and everything else can go under them. Wunderlist also allows users to sync their data with the Wunderlist cloud. Users can either choose to print their task lists or email them directly to other users. However, there is one thing that must be highlighted: after being acquired in 2015 by Microsoft, Wunderlist has stopped releasing any new features. However, the company continues to make sure those using the app do not have any complaints.

2. TeamViewer

The world is becoming increasingly smaller. These days, it is normal for teams to be sitting in different geographical locations while working on a single project. This geographic separation creates the need for software that supports internet-based access and support. TeamViewer does exactly this. It allows users to control their partner or colleague’s computer while sitting at a completely different location.

The highlight of this internet-based remote access software is that it has separate versions for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Windows RT, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and surprisingly, even blackberry. The UI is quite simple, and thus, the app is also quite easy-to-use. However, TeamViewer is an expensive app, and you will be required to shell out a decent subscription fee before you can start using it.


Whether you are a journalist, student, researcher, or an office professional attending an important meeting, you must continuously be required to convert audio files to text. While the job can be done manually, it usually ends up consuming long hours. In this regard, Audext is one of the best productivity apps currently available. This audio to text converter online provides an economical solution to your varied needs. It is has a straightforward user interface. Users are not required to download any software. All they have to do is go to the website and hit on the transcribe button.

Audio to text converter online is almost 200 times faster than standard transcription services. Further, it is AI-backed, which ensures that all transcriptions received are error-free. also supports a variety of source formats, including WMV, WAV, and MP3. Its highlight is its speaker identification feature, which allows it to identify the speaker and match the transcription accordingly. If you are looking to convert an audio file to text, we recommend trying Every user gets a 30-minute free subscription to try out the software’s various features.

4. Evernote

Evernote is a cross-platform app that serves as your digital file cabinet. You can use this cloud-based app to take notes on your computer or smartphone. All the notes taken get stored in the cloud.
Thus, users can finally stop worrying about losing important notes or spilling coffee on them. The app is available for download on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. It allows users to access records while offline. However, there is one drawback — users can transfer only a limited amount of data to the Evernote cloud every month.

5. Trello

Trello is the ideal app to be used for your project management needs. Handling several projects is never an easy task. However, Trello makes project management easy by making the whole process highly visual. Users can break each phase of a project into cards and arrange these cards into different columns.
This process makes it easier to keep a tab on how different stages are advancing. Though Trello is a free-to-use app, the company reserves many features for its premium customers.

The Final Word
In this technological world, only technology can make life easier. We hope our list of the top five productivity apps of 2019 will help you with your never-ending to-do-list.