Things to Keep in Mind When You Check Domain Name For Your Site


Domain name is an identity which your company has online. It is a strong factor of identification which brings in an authority over the internet in the realm of the business. Keeping a domain name helps you make your website and start earning online. Domain names are a vital part especially for those who work in the paradigm of technology. The extension of their name defines the work of their company. For ex, .tech extension denotes that you have a tech company. Hence there should be a wise selection and checking of the domain name for your site. Not only this, the utility of having a viable and a feasible domain name is that it allows application-based naming and is used in networking for the purpose of addressing.

‘First impression is the last impression’ and in the online series of websites, the first impression comes with the domain name and the extension you carry with it. Acing a correct and an appropriate domain name is not a cake walk. It needs through research and analysis. The name once taken should be such that it remains the same always. This denotes consistency and focus of your business. You will find a plethora of domain names that are readily available on the internet. But very few of them have the utility factor embedded. Thus a proper check and ratification of name needs to be done before further moving on. To help you get your domain name effective, here are some elements to keep in mind in order to get an impeccable domain name for your website

Short and simple

Customers don’t have enough time to look out for the meaning of your domain name in the dictionary or even on Google, for that matter. Once the name is interpreted, it facilitates a call to action. Hence, checking for the domain name which is short and sweet goes a long way. Also, a short name is better than going for a long name as it is easy to remember, type and recollect. Word of mouth is a major marketing tool which is termed to be effective and efficient at the same time.
A shorter name generates better ROI from word of mouth marketing than a longer name. A meaningful suggestion here would be to opt for extensions such as .tech for your startup name which represents the area of interest of your company clearly rather than opting niche extensions which you are not sure about.

Sensible and Innovative

We live in an era where innovation is more tempting and appealing than the normal. Same goes with the names. We tend to remember novel names better and faster, provided they are simple. It is a human tendency to click on something which is unknown yet appealing. The name should comprise of the topic which is presented on the website along with your brand name. This will give you 2x benefits such that it will not only generate traction for uniqueness but also help in building a brand image and an identity, online.

Determines the geographical scope of the business

If you plan to scale your business globally, a globally identified domain extension will generate more outcome than a ccTLD (country code top level domain). If you want to expand your business in your local area or nationwide, then the ccTLD works out well. For example, is an identity that symbolises that it belongs to Pakistan, whereas is a global brand name and hence the extension .com. People in local areas will prefer and refer to only those brands which have their own country extension as they can easily trust it and rely on.
The specificity of the domain extension also boosts the local search engine results.

Relates to what your business is about

There are many global level TLDs such as .com, .org, .ngo, etc. but you need to choose one of them which is in accordance with the services that your business offers. For example, .net is used for networking sites and .org refers to an organisation. If you are an MNC such as McDonalds then it should be under the bracket of commercial sector with the name under the extension .com, for example, If you use, it will look vague and irrelevant. It will also put off customers from reaching out to your brand.

Has only letters with no numbers and symbols

Just as you make your password, easy and simple to remember and login. Similarly choose your domain name. As an individual when you have a complicated password with numbers and signs, you tend to forget it, even if it’s our own. Hence be wise while checking the domain name for your company, for it should be at your customer’s convenience level. Fun and attractive domain name suggestions last only for a year or two. With the change in trend, people shift to the other names. But those which are evergreen stay in limelight always. Thus check the utility of the name before moving forward. This point boils down to the first point which says to check for a name which is simple and easy to comprehend.

If you have a professional website which uses a number in its domain name since its inception and your business which needs a new website, go with representing the numbers in the format of letters.

Availability of the domain

Simply settling on a name is useless unless it is available for the registration. Check if there is an availability of the domain name chosen by yourself. WHOIS, is a database of registered domain names which lets you know whether or not your domain and has been taken by somebody else. If your chosen name is not viable, you need to mix and match with your words to an extent. For example, you can make “houseofclothes” as “clothinghome”.